07/19/2010 03:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So, What Does the Pink Card Get You at the Beverly Hills Hotel?

Last Thursday, the Beverly Hills hotel sent my dads yearly Summer time present; Beverly Hills Hotel towels. Why do we get them? I do not know. We also get salad bowls filled with the Macarthy Salad* inside about twice a year.

*(most Beverly Hills natives know what that is - but for those who don't - it is the hotel's massively famous version of the Cobb, named after 3rd generation LA native, businessman and polo player Neil McCarthy - (May 6, 1888 - July 25, 1972))

When I asked my dad why the BHH sends him towels every summer, his response was " Because they like me." I then said "Why do they like you, because you lived there for a while during one of your divorces, or because you made us eat there every weekend for brunch for yearsss?" All I got was a perturbed looking face.

Maybe all people with Pink Cards get towels?

Beverly Hills Hotel & (VIP) Card

William Morris Endeavor's Norman Brokaw aka my dad

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