ColoBeerMan Jonathan Shikes on Colorado Hops, Beer Politics, and Huddles the Mayor

09/22/2012 03:32 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2012

This week, Westword managing editor Jonathan Shikes, better known as the Colorado Beer Man, joins us to talk about all things cold and frothy.


Over a round of 9 a.m. beers, we check in on everybody's favorite political nuisance Seth Brigham, recently busted for indecent exposure; wonder why Denver Mayor Michael Hancock hasn't used his history as Huddles the Broncos mascot for political gain; celebrate a local victory for lactating boobs everywhere; and discuss the incredible financial benefits of huffing microwave popcorn.

Then we take in everything the local beer scene has to offer like we're shotgunning a Dale's Pale Ale. The Beer Man fills us in on his in-depth reporting on the blossoming industry of Colorado hops -- and weighs in on whether the field-fresh flavors of local-hops beers are worth the trouble. Next we wade into a sudsy mix of beer and politics, offering up beer-name suggestions for  Mayor Hancock's first attempt to fill the craft-brew shoes left by his predecessor, Brewmaster Hick. Finally, we steep our brewskis in farm-fresh pot, ruminating on why Hickenlooper recently came out against the marijuana-legalization measure Amendment 64.

It's a long, sloppy ride, but don't you worry: All of us end up podcasting responsibly.