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Denver Isn't a Twitter Town, But These Tweets Are Worth Following

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Denver may be an active city. And increasingly, it's growing a reputation as a foodie city. But for now, it is certainly not a Twitter town. The Denver twitterverse is way underdeveloped compared to other cities. We're not sure that's a bad thing. Perhaps we are actually out doing things in the real world, separate from the cloud.

Admittedly, we don't follow Twitter like a broker follows the stock ticker. Mostly, we use it for practical reasons, like marketing. The updates about breakfast cereal selection, whining about car trouble, and other tedious tidbits from the lives of strangers can be a bit agitating.

Denver Diatribe Podcast #31: Follow These Tweets! by Denver Diatribe (To listen to the entire episode, click here.)

But as we discuss on this week's episode of the Denver Diatribe, there are a few fine Twitter folks that percolate to the top of our feeds. Yes, there are Denver folks whose tweets can be entertaining and at times informative.

Here are some worth following:

Does this guy get paid to do this? The sheer amount of time and energy this guy puts into Twitter is worthy of a part-time job at least. We don't always agree with him, but we sure are entertained by his libertarian views, which he shares in more than 140 characters at If you want to develop a following and become a master tweeter, follow this guy.

Eric Lubbers tweets under his blog name, Brofax, the confluence of Broadway and Colfax. If you want to get a sense for Denver, stand at that intersection. If you want to get a sense for Denver on Twitter, follow Brofax. He shares photos, makes comments, and is generally entertaining.

We're reluctant to call this Denver comedian's brand of humor "shock jock," but he does push the envelope at times. For instance, one of his recent tweets: "My poop fizzes when it hits water. Is that bad?" Real think pieces like that. These are nuggets of wisdom, people.

Here are some additional Denver folks worth following but not mentioned in the podcast:


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