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The Frenemy

The Frenemy

Posted: September 16, 2010 12:26 PM

When I was younger, way back when Lindsay Lohan had an actual prescription to Adderall, girls across America read books. Not Amanda Bynes' Twitter, or Ashely Olsen's Fashion Wordpress, but tangible books that weren't even about vampires. One book series that had quite the following was "The Babysitter's Club": the gripping tale of six upper-class middle school girls from Connecticut who were responsible enough to handle young children. By the time the series ended in 2000, the girls had graduated from middle school at 13. This would make them around 23 now. I decided to catch up with the ladies to see what they had been up to since then. For more from The Frenemy, go here! - Alida Nugent

Stacey McGill
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Because she had rich parents, Stacey had no problem snagging an internship at Nylon magazine at the ripe age of 15. From there she began her modeling/fashion/marketing career in New York City, during which time she attended a two year college program in Paris, took a lot of Polaroids, and had sex with four DJs. Since then she has modelled for American Apparel and appeared in "Law and Order: SVU," "Gossip Girl," and "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2." She recently decided to take a break from the coke-binges and all night techno parties to move to LA because she "really wanted a car." She will be playing the part of the hot nanny on an upcoming Disney Channel show.
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