12/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris Given How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Titled "The Show You Actually Want to Watch."

Since the premiere of How I Met Your Mother, fans have believed the sitcom would be far superior if it narrowed its focus to exclusively follow the exploits of Barney, the beloved suit-wearing womanizer played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Finally they will get their wish.

CBS has green-lit a spinoff titled "The Show You Actually Want to Watch," that will follow Barney as he suits up with his bro's and engages in his signature brand of non-threatening misogyny. In addition, each episode will feature a song and dance routine and conclude with Barney sitting at a blue-screened computer, registering poignant reflections on his week.

"It's everything America wants," said Harris in a prepared yet seemingly off the cuff statement. "Now who wants to see me wear a top hat?"

The decision to spotlight Barney was a move long in the works for the network.

"We originally thought just cutting out Ted would do the trick," said CBS president and CEO, Leslie Moonves, who admitted that centering the show around a boring character played by a boring actor was a 'big mistake'. "But why stop there? The women certainly aren't funny, and I often forget that Jason Segel is even on the show."

Segel has signed on to make cameo appearances on the NPH spinoff on the condition that he makes no mention of his character's wife, Lily.

"Alyson Hannigan is not allowed on set," insisted Harris. "That was the first first clause of my contract."

In the meantime, How I Met Your Mother will be retitled "Don't Worry, NPH will still guest star," until it is inevitably canceled at the end of the season.

-Dan Abramson,

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