This Couple Really Loves Football -- and Their Wedding Proves It

02/02/2014 03:10 pm 15:10:53 | Updated Apr 04, 2014

By Jamie Miles for

This couple really knows how to stick to a theme! I guess it's easy when you're both die-hard football fans (she's a Giants fan; he's a Red Skins supporter). Everything from the boutonnieres to the cake toppers and even the wedding sign announcing the bride's walk down the aisle were inspired by this couple's shared love of the game. But they even went a step further. Rather than exchanging traditional vows, the couple wrote their own:

From preseason through the play-offs and Super Bowl, in good health and injury, despite tackles and fumbles, whether the New York Giants win or lose, I promise to support and always love you in our game of marriage. And take you as my wife.

This couple's game-day-inspired wedding by Look Wedding Photography is a touchdown. Here's why:

The Bride wore New York Giants blue shoes. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot06.jpg

Even her flowers fit with the Giants's team colors. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot01.jpg

The groomsmen wore mini-football boutonnieres. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot04.jpg

And their formalwear matched the Red Skins' maroon-and-gold team colors. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot05.jpg

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The bride wore a casual one-shoulder sheath dress. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot13.jpg

And proudly sported her fiance's rival team colors. 2014-01-31-couple.jpg

The wedding events were outlined in a "Game Day" schedule. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot03.jpg

And footballs served as aisle markers at the outdoor ceremony. 2014-01-31-footballs.jpg

Even the bridesmaids wore the Giants's colors. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot12.jpg

The flower girl was a cheerleader and the ring bearer was a football player. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot14.jpg

When the couple was announced as husband and wife, it was a "touchdown!" 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot15.jpg

The bridal party had their game faces on for a candid wedding photo. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot16.jpg

The couple drafted their guests to tables organized by sports teams. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot02.jpg

The reception decor matched the couple's sports-centric theme. 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot07.jpg

Football centerpieces with maroon mums and gold button mums decorated the reception 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot09.jpg

The couple had a Giants and Red Skins cake 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot19.jpg

And even the cake toppers were custom made to represent the couple's favorite teams 2014-01-31-LookWeddingPhotography_TheKnot08.jpg

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