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Teresa Strasser Returns To Talk 'Exploiting My Baby'

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This week's guest is Teresa Strasser, which Susanna jokes is like meeting your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend since she took over Teresa's job when she left the show. Teresa discusses how she's felt since the release and press of her book, but Lynette says to get out of her head and relax. They also talk about 'The Secret's' effect on pregnancy.


Lynette and Susanna want to know how Teresa's relationship with her husband has improved since she's had the baby. They ask if they all feel more like a family now, and Teresa explains how her mother is even trying to make amends, and has moved in around the corner to help out. The girls also talk about lack of sleep and snoring, and how each pregnancy has it's own unique recovery time.

You can pick up Teresa's new mom-moir, Exploiting My Baby *Because It's Exploiting Me, at bookstores now!