The "Obama Must Go" Crowd is Growing

12/13/2011 03:47 pm ET | Updated Feb 09, 2012

Conservatives like me have always wanted Obama out of our White House; in fact, we can't figure how in the world he got in.

But in addition to the sane ones who resented and loathed Obama from the start of his charade, there's also a growing groundswell of Independents and Dems waking up finally and even union people who see that "the Obama experiment" may end very badly indeed.

Should this crescendo continue fueled by rising or even modestly lowering unemployment; the fall of the Euro; and the resetting of the stock-markets globally; Obama should be finished.

I for one, can hardly wait.

There's no excuse for the latitude this President has received in his foolhardy and poorly conceived attempts to help this troubled country.

The real targets for vengeance for Obama's misfeasance will be the Liberal media, Democratic Party and the politicians which like any good hench-persons, have helped this worst-President since Carter and maybe Hoover, stay in office with his flimsy excuses and failed policies. Reid, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, Chris Matthews, anybody from MSNBC, anybody from CNN as well as all the clueless kids who voted for this totally unqualified person can, and will be held responsible.

When Obama is finally gone and this dreadful nightmare of his reign is finally over, all good Americans will be able to hold their heads high again and believe in America's superiority. Instead of listening endlessly to the tearing down of America by those negative hypocrites who have no understanding of the things that make this country great.

Until that priceless moment, we all have to exercise the Roman gladiator exhortation, "Strength and Honor."