What's Exciting About Cabbage?

02/17/2012 12:30 pm ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

Dear Lynne,

What's exciting about cabbage? Cheap though it may be, it seems like a lot of work to make anything worth eating.

Ben from Topeka

Dear Ben,

This cabbage recipe is not only worth eating, but it's fast, and will squelch boiled cabbage's bad press.

Believe it not, boiling cabbage can sweeten it. Then you spark it with good tasting vinegar, black pepper and you are done.

Have this hot or at room temperature. It holds a week in the refrigerator.

Serves 4 to 6
10 minutes prep time; about 5 minutes stove time

1 large green cabbage, halved, cored and cut into 1-inch dice
6 quarts boiling, generously salted water
About 3 tablespoons good-tasting vinegar (wine, sherry or cider, not balsamic)
Fresh ground black pepper
Salt if needed

1. Drop the cabbage into the boiling water. Once it's back to a boil, cook it 3 minutes, or until just tender.

2. Drain the cabbage in a colander and while it is still hot toss it with the vinegar, a generous amount of black pepper and taste it for salt. The cabbage should have a pleasing tartness and a nice snap of pepper.

3. Serve it hot, warm or at room temperature with a baked Idaho potato, or fish, meats or poultry, especially with anything grilled.