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20 Most Disgusting Foods of 2011

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Fellow eaters, we saw some mightily gross food this year. Pretty dang disgusting. We ran the gamut from merely disturbing to vomitous through the past 12 months, and I hope you're not eating right now. Why, you ask? Because I'm about to launch into the 20 Most Disgusting Foods of 2011! Are you ready for this? Take a deep breath, because we are plunging into the ultimate pool of putrescence!

Gross things people found in their food

1. First there was the frog a woman found in her lettuce.

2. Then there was the frog a man found in his wrap, also hiding in lettuce.

3. And let us not forget the woman who found a condom in her milk.

Foods made with unusual ingredients

4. You can make frozen yogurt out of semen.

5. Or you could just drink straight horse semen shots.

6. It was a happy day when we all learned you can make ice cream out of breast milk.

7. And who knew maggots made such a great mac & cheese topping?

8. Anyone craving Easter candy eggs Benedict and Peeps pizza?

People eating inadvisable foods

9. Some folks eat roadkill.

10. Some of us dared to try the KFC cheesy bacon bowl.

11. The 11K-calorie mac & cheese lasagna could give you a heart attack.

12. We all pretty much agree that most school food is gross, though some parents make their kids eat it anyway.

13. And these revolting Halloween treats would scare away anyone.

14. This mom let her child eat a cicada.

15. This man tried to survive on his wife's breast milk.

Just plain icky

16. We saw someone's squid dish dance before our eyes.

17. We heard about the horrifying bug infestation at a fast food restaurant.

18. And we heard about cooties infesting fast food playgrounds.

19. Some kid-friendly meals got just a leetle too creative.

20. And finally, this brave and ingenious woman brought back the meat dress!

What do you think were the grossest foods of 2011?

Written by Adriana Velez on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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