02/22/2007 12:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Isn't It David Geffen's Money?

In our current Emperor's reign, lying has become a pathological mechanism devoid of even the appearance of familiarity with thought.

Bill Clinton used lies the way Van Gogh used yellow, to intensify and transcend reality. His single greatest strength, as he strolled every Sunday from church, waving to us with his heavily dogeared-for-loopholes bible, was that he was absolutely impossible to embarrass. He was the Jackie Robinson of campaign-fund raising, breaking the GOP money barrier by inviting donors over to the White House for a cup of French Vanilla Roast, a glazed cruller and a tax exemption for their transnational conglomerate.

As David Geffen is learning, if you don't approve of Hillary's position on Iraq, you are free to look for another just can't give that candidate money. Nothing angers Clinton Nation more than another's coffers being filled. This race was supposed to be over by now. The wronged Warrior Queen rising up to restore those better days of welfare reform, school uniforms and uh...

The Bush family have always campaigned with the personal ethics of a plague rat. Yet it is the Clintons who gave us Dick Morris, Paul Begala and one half of the most gangrenous pustules to ever infect the body politic - James Carville.

To watch Carville yammer on CNN about having nothing to do with Iraq, when the thing that is his wife was a prominent member of the White House Iraq Group which brought us the war is just reminder # 86,000 of what a Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton presidential succession portends.

Obama, right now, is whatever anyone wants to see. He may turn out to be decent. He may do less evil...which is all anyone can truly expect. And yes, Hillary may do less evil...but we're just so tired.