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The Sweet Beet (a food site described by Daily Candy as "An investigative blog for foodies") has unearthed surprising food facts that will shock, enlighten and amuse. Did you know that whole flax seeds do not deliver as much Omega 3 as ground ones? And that organic foods are allowed to contain flavorings? Read on...

Organic Milk Is Less "Fresh" Than Conventional Milk
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If fresh is defined by how recently it came out of the cow, then organic is not always freshest. Most organic milk is ultra-pasteurized or UP (most conventional is not) which kills 100% of the bacteria to make it more shelf-stable. So though you may be buying it a month before its Best Before date, it may have left the cow over a month ago.

Note: this is not an endorsement of conventional milk (there are a variety of reasons why organic is preferred) but it's important to be aware of what processes most organic milk is put through and what labeling to be aware of so you can choose non-UP organic milk, which is preferable, as it's not been subjected to additional pasteurization.

Learn how to tell if your organic milk is ultra-pasteurized.

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