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Which Food Trends Are Rising, Which Are Falling

Posted: 08/11/11 01:20 PM ET


It seems that in the past there was always one dominant food trend at any one time - the no fat/high carb trend of the early 90's, the high fat/no carb trend (aka Atkins) of the late 90's. But these days there are multiple movements, all vying for your membership, some are even complete opposites - think Vegan and Paleo.

Here's my take on twelve trends and whether they're Falling, Rising or Flat ... Your view?

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TREND FLAT: Muffins, cakes, pizza -- this trend has been so strong for the past couple years that I think it's flattening out. Though it's hard to say what percentage of those who go gluten-free truly are "celiacs," there is no question that many who cut out gluten claim to just "feel better."
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