05/14/2015 05:22 pm ET | Updated May 14, 2016

The New Dream Home Is the Tiny House

Now trending at little-sister site, The Snug: Living the simple life in tiny houses. Turns out there's some interest in downsizing but that doesn't mean the homes skimp on style, even when they're made out of upcycled shipping containers!

Here's some more information on the trend from people who are living it!

Shipping Container House
Photo VIA True Activist

Buying the container is giving you an empty canvas to work with. The 6th one (4 containers, stacked 2 high) is probably the cheapest of the designs shown here. Approximate cost for the 4 containers, $10,000. Then add another $4000 for the windows and doors (the visible ones, don't know about the other sides). So you are already around $14000. Assuming the interior is basic, I'd say another $30000 two make the inside livable. So for around $50000 you could make a setup like that one. Read more of their planning advice here.

Tiny Trailer-Style

Jay Shafer, tiny house advocate and founder of Four Lights Tiny House Company, says that, unlike sprawling houses, tiny houses demand that their dwellers downsize to the essentials. Shafer states that tiny houses are undiluted reflections of the people who live in them. Read more about the home shown above and other beautiful tiny houses.

More, including a look inside some of these spaces: