Generation Obama Won't Make The Deaniac Mistake

09/29/2007 02:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I've seen the emotion Obama generates, especially among the young. His phenomenal rally in NYC's Washington Square Park last Thursday evening was a case in point. So I've been worrying that he'll have hordes of young supporters invade Iowa to get out the vote for him on caucus night.

But word from the ground in Iowa is encouraging. Apparently the campaign is doing the grunt work, organizing networks of local supporters to do that all important job in that most important state.

So, come caucus night, it will be friends and neighbors rallying the troops not orange-stocking capped youngsters from elite precincts far away. All praise to the Deaniacs for their commitment, but netroots swagger didn't play well in the heartland. The attitude was "we are the sculptors and you are the clay"--and folks in Iowa took umbrage at that.

When we got "clean for Gene" (McCarthy) back in 1968 it was by way of respecting the people we were trying to reach. Generation Obama seems to understand the need for that. Barack certainly does.

Here is an indication of what might be happening under the radar as a result.