09/23/2006 08:14 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hugo's El Diablo Riff--The Fox Version

Somebody help me here. The top Google video links of Chavez doing his Bush/Diablo thing all show the Fox News clip of it!!! Even on YouTube,


What Fox showed was Chavez waving the now best-selling Chomsky book around while he made his "the devil was here yesterday...I can still smell the sulfur" remarks. But that wasn't what Chavez was actually doing when he said those words. EVEN with this misleading Fox splice, you can hear the UN audience laughing and the translator's tone of voice, emulating Chavez' tone, and that makes it clear that this is a (ham-handed) attempt to be funny, to parody Bush's moral absolutism. Not that Chavez didn't intend the underlying message, he did--but the Diablo language was meant to be comic, dark comic, but comic.

The visuals that actually accompanied his remarks (along with audience laughter and the translator's tone), make that comic intent undeniable. Chavez crosses himself and puts his hands together, as if in prayer, genuflecting back and forth, invoking the deity. All very sarcastic. Completely, obviously, meant to be funny.

No MSM news source I know of, not the Times, not anybody, reported this simple fact about that speech.

That's disgraceful.

Would some web browser people more competent than I please link to the ORIGINAL intact video and get it out there?

Thank you....