08/23/2008 09:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Forgive the spelling joke. But doesn't it look surprisingly natural? There's a reason for that.

Barack has been the ultimate fusion candidate, the maximum mix man in the age of the mix. But what was left out of Barack's mash-up profile was the white working class, urban and exurban.

Now -- along comes Joe. He can introduce Barack to the bar and the bowling alley. I assume the campaign understand this, but I wonder if they will really take advantage of it. They should.

The best thing about Joe Biden is that he has a sense of humor as well as deep experience, personal irreverence combined with policy seriousness--and it's topped off by occasional lapses into political incorrectness. As in calling Barack clean and articulate. And Barack chose him anyway. That's postmodern chops right there. But it's the kind of postmodern that will appeal to middle America.

If the O'Bama campaign really understands the choice they made you will see, for example, Daily Show style commercials showing Joe teaching Barack how to bowl.

Go for it guys. Get serious -- and get light, get funny. At the same time. Do this whole thing in a new way. It's called confidence. It's called strength.