Red Dress Day for Dems at SOTU?

02/01/2006 03:49 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The speech was so cynical, I literally couldn't focus on it, so my mind and eyes wandered a lot. There's always been red dresses, I know. I've always assumed it was an individual ego thing--to catch the camera's eye, every pol's mission in life, and one tiny area where women have the edge. I mean, even Bill Frist isn't going to wear a red suit, though he would look fabulous if he did, don't you think?

But then, during one ot the long shots from behind the podium (Our Leader had said Something Unifying), I was suddenly struck by the number of red dresses on the Dem side of the aisle. You couldn't call it a sea, but it was more than a sprinkling--and I think they were ALL on the Dem side. I consciously searched the crowd after that first impression. I didn't see one Dem woman in anything but red or reddish. Olympia Snow was in grayish-blue. I didn't see Kay Bailey Hutchison...

Could that have been planned? It was very effective, from a gender politics point of view. What few women there were on the Republican side blended into the suits, a definite sea of blue and grey, an overwhleming male effect. Across the aisle, what a contrast! Check it out.

I'm not familiar enough with the daily workings of Washington to know--can someone tell me if it's possible? Could the Dem women have arranged a Red Dress Day?