The Democratization of Passion

11/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In technology hardware, Moore's Law has been a guiding principal. The ability to grow the power of computing doubles every two years.

But in software applications, Internet access and personal communication devices, the power grows daily and impacts our lives in ways we never imagined -- every day.

This growth has impacted the way we work, communicate and interact with friends family and business associates, how we consume and produce entertainment, learn about or share political and social causes and sometimes, get inspiration.

It allows us to share out passions and discover news ones. Each step forward reminds us of what is possible, if we re-imagine the future.

Twitter, most recently, has shaped the way we perceive information and communication by putting the tools to share whatever moves you in your hands and to find an audience around the world instantly

It has had effects on the business world, how people retrieve real-time information, and has allowed for exciting new possibilities as varied as communicating directly with celebrities or organizing citizens to stand up for their basic human rights.

But, sometimes 140 characters is not enough. With that in mind, we re-imagined that direct connection and unveiled our application, Twalkin, at the 140 LA Twitter Conference. Twalkin is free to download and use. It allows you to instantly make live, vocal connections with a friend, a group of followers or wide broadcast to whomever wants to listen -- and puts the tools to control your privacy and their participation in your hands.

I'm passionate about music. Now a musician can announce a new album to the entire twitter following and do a special live performance, budding DJs can create their own sets for a global audience

If you're passionate about gaming, you can connect with your community on-the-fly, instantly...

Or maybe you're passionate about social causes and are in the middle of fighting for your future. With a touch of a button, dozens, hundreds or millions can be a witness to what you have to broadcast...

Twalkin is the solution to all of these issues and more by extending Twitter and the other social networks beyond the text realm using a one-touch method that allows you to speak to your online community. That's right. Speak to your followers, live.

Twalkin's power lies in its ease of use. There is no software to install and connecting with people in the twitter community and other social networks is a snap. And we do it all using a technology that almost every person has... a cell phone, a computer.

Twalkin also allows you to easily manage your twalks, whether over your computer or our mobile phone. People on the twalk are identified by their twitter username and you can easily see who has joined a twalk, mute or un-mute a certain person, boot an annoying guy off the twalk, or perform many other management functions.

The concept of a twalk is extremely powerful and we can't wait to see all of the creative ways in which online communities use it. Push a button and share your passion.

You can expect to start Twalkin in mid-November. Sign up here to be one of the first.

Thomas Scriven is the CEO and President of Twalkin.