Contego Eyewear: Well built sunglasses with style

03/21/2011 11:26 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Sometimes a name is more than just a name -- The Rock's announces the fact he's a hard ass, while Justin Bieber's says he looks totally like that loser kid, Justin Bieber. For a line of shades following that logic, check out Contego.

Meaning to "cover, shield, protect, and defend" in Latin, Contego's BK cofounders have taken the name game even further with their spring drop, labeling each of their new frame styles after a Nobel Prize for Literature winner because they too want to produce "the most important work in an ideal direction" (apparently you can give out prizes for literature even if you don't write real good). Some choice choices:

The Hesse: with ultra-fat arms and a keyhole-esque nose, the Hesse's gradient teardrop lenses are set in thick curved acetate coming in colors ranging from clear to chocolate swirl, though if you're getting lots of those, good luck finding any shades that make you look cool.

The Eliot: with colorways including straight-ahead tortoise and red w/ navy tips, these curved horn-rimmed affairs feature stainless steel teardrops on either side of their frames, a fitting nod considering he who cries is certainly a Hollow Man.

The Morrison: exclusively avail in dark-hued frames, the lenses on squarish specs're abrasion-resistant, meaning you don't have to drop lots of scratch just to avoid doing it to your shades.

As an added bonus, for each pair they sell they'll make sure a pair of prescription glasses is delivered to someone in need, which is anyone who could look at Bieber and not see his resemblance to that stupid singing kid in high-tops.

Protect your eyes and look like the bomb.