03/29/2011 10:45 am ET | Updated May 29, 2011

If This Was New York City... A former resident's view on the City


New York's great, but it can rub some people the wrong way, especially John Rocker depending on who's doing the rubbing. For one take on NYC's issues: If This Was New York City.

ITWNYC's a deadpan Tumblr from a dude who spent most of his adult life in NYC before moving to San Fran, where he reflectively realized that "people in New York have their own way of doing things", which to be Frank more often than not is "My Way". Some situational excerpts:

The Situation: You and some friends want to go camping about two hours away from where you live.
ITWNYC: No one owns a car, so you all have to chip in to rent one, or invite along someone you don't like as much so they can drive. You book the campsite several months in advance.

The Situation: The guys across the hall invites you out for a mid-week beer.
ITWNYC: Very quickly, the conversation would turn towards something very personal on your neighbor's part, either about their bizarre health condition or about their complications with their trust fund or other income that means they don't have to work a regular job.

The Situation: You go to the store to get food to make dinner for some friends. They come to your house, maybe bring a bottle of wine, and everyone enjoys an evening of talking and eating the food you made.
ITWNYC: Your friend invites her boyfriend, and now there is an issue with the number of seats. Someone else is already sitting on your toilet with the door open, so you wind up standing and eating through the meal. Your friend's boyfriend asks if anyone wants to do some coke, and you say no.

While the site only just launched, there're also musings on surviving the winter months, delivery food, and MTA customer service, which is bad, but certainly not John Rocker's biggest problem with the subways.