02/03/2011 01:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Super Bowl Super Snacking: Easy Grub for Game Day


Because the Jets and Giants shouldn't be the only ones sitting at home getting fat this Sunday, we've ransacked the minds of some of NY's most esteemed chefs & barmen to bring you easy-to-make recipes packing flavors so explosive, you'll think Antonio Cromartie's tweeting about you. Enjoy:

Spicy Buffalo Wing Balls
Daniel Holzman, The Meatball Shop
Skip the bones and loose skin with this recipe from the LES ball-masters that blends celery and hot sauce with ground chicken, though how confident would you be if John Kuhn were your best rusher?
Use this recipe and your balls will be intercepted more times than Eli Manning

Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
Sam Hazen, Veritas
Honed during tailgates with fellow chefs, this take on the cocktail party classics-up the ante with blue cheese and caper juice, not to be confused with Dom Capers juice, as expansion teams drank all that up.
Get your snacking started with the recipe here

The Game Over
Trace Conway, The Red Cat
Garnished with a habanero, this concoction aims to represent all three cities involved in this year's game, blending tequila (Dallas) with Iron City beer, and bread and butter pickle juice, though if they really want to represent Wisconsin, they'd have held the bread and pickle juice.
Hit up the ingredients here and be ready to make these all night

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