02/09/2011 12:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Turn Your Special Someone Into a Super Hero: Get Half-Off A Custom Comic For V-Day


Get the most romantically bad-ass V-day gift ever for 1/2 off: a professionally-produced, customized comic strip inspired by your photo of choice (the first time you two met; the first time you two had s...ushi), created by Copious Productions -- renegade panel-pirates led by Andrea Grant, vixen-ish author of the series Ready to Where? and Minx. Send them the photo, a few lines of pertinent information, and your preferred theme (either the Comic Book Cover, Feats of Superhuman Strength, or Opposites Attract), and they'll hand you full-color, enlarged 11x14 photo print, a high-resolution TIFF, and a low-res jpg for easy emailing or posting on Facebook -- after which you can direct your girlfriend to the "You'd Better Like This" button.

You've got the option of a panel or comic-book cover, and either way you'll get the goods for just $99 (down from $200) -- order by February 7th, and you'll be guaranteed completion by Valentine's. If your giftee gets hooked, you can even commission a full-length book, inspiring more love than you've seen since the last time you were on X, Man.