Why We're Running

03/19/2011 01:10 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On March 20 we will tackle the L.A. Marathon while raising money through Train 4 Autism. Why? Well he's about five feet tall with gorgeous eyes and a killer smile that melts the hearts of all that receive one. He's our Jake and he is why we run.

You think of words like perseverance and you don't often envision a little boy trying to learn how to live in a world where everyone else's normal is alien. You usually think of someone running up a tall hill and not turning back. That's not the perseverance my son demonstrates on a daily basis. Speech therapy. Behavioral Therapy. Occupational Therapy. Social Skills Classes. Auditory Processing Therapy. All this on top of regular demands of a young boy: Reading, writing, sitting, listening, being judged. Perseverance is doing all this without complaining. Perseverance is doing what needs to be done to ensure that the best quality of life will be available. Perseverance should be a synonym for Jake.

Why do we run? We run to process the overwhelming emotions of happiness, sadness and frustration. At times, we are overwhelmed with pride with the person our son has become. Other times the anger at his situation stings and we try to outrun the pain and responsibility.

It's hard but we wouldn't change one thing about Jake because he is the boy we love and who loves us back. If he can persevere everyday, we can do it for 26.2 miles.

Why do we run? We run for Jake. We Train 4 Autism -- to find a cure and provide support for families who manage life with autism.