05/30/2010 10:28 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dennis Hopper Portrait

Photo (c)Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, all rights reserved.

On February 22nd, 1995, Dennis Hopper sat for this portrait. Artist/filmmaker David Salle brought him by the studio. Hopper had just starred in Salle's film, "Search and Destroy." What I remember most about the afternoon was Dennis' extraordinary love for art. As we toured my studio and home, he pointed at each work of art and named the artist, even the most obscure ones. That's a Resnick, that's Taaffe, that's Rick Prol, that's a Joop Sanders, that's Martin Wong, that's Judy Glantzman, that's The Starn Twins, that's Richard Hambleton.

Two years ago, I saw Dennis at Cinevegas, the Las Vegas film festival into which Robin and Danny Greenspun had put so much love and energy. One evening, just before a Steve and Elaine Wynn dinner honoring Takashi Murikami, Dennis and I were invited by Wynn to see some of his art collection. As we strolled past a lovely Turner and then the Picasso that Steve's elbow had made so famous, we came upon an especially difficult Marisol. Dennis turned to Steve and said, "that's a really great Marisol." Wynn stopped in his tracks and replied with awe, "You're the first person who's ever known the sculptor's name."

RIP Dennis Hopper.