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Rush Limbaugh has electoral disfunction. Let's not give him any Viagra.

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A post-election survey from Democracy Corps/Campaign for America's future found the King of the Dittoheads has gone limp.

Sure, 52 percent of Republicans gave him a positive rating in the poll. But he had no sex appeal among the voters that matter - moderates and independents. Just 13 percent of self-described moderates and 19 percent of independents gave him good marks.

Trying to restore his virility in recent weeks, an increasingly marginalized Limbaugh has appointed himself President Obama's chief antagonist. Unfortunately, the left has taken the bait: the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Americans United for Change have launched anti-Rush campaigns.

But that's like giving him a little blue pill. It's giving him a lift. It's getting him back in the game.

Independents and moderates ignored him this past fall. We should do the same.