02/15/2008 05:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton Campaign Sets the Blood Boiling

Please note that most of this post is from a blog post by writer Nick Tosches and NOT BY ME. I agree with some of what he says, some I don't but he's one of my favorite writers in the world. Note the quotation marks. They mean somebody else said it.

Since we're judging the candidates by the content of their character rather than the color or their skin or their gender, it's about time we view the Clinton campaign for what it is. Business as usual.

Not the business we've been experiencing for the past eight years. That business is an abberation, an anomaly, leadership provided by evil men with an evil agenda.

No, I mean the usual business of bad government. The Clinton years were mixed, at best. On balance, Bill Clinton was a moderate Republican. He just looks so much better in comparison to Bush.

While much of the discourse has been fairly civilized, there comes a time when plain speaking is needed. This week, writer Nick Tosches put this on his MySpace blog:

"'I will work my heart out for you every single day!' These are the incredible words of Hillary Clinton, who arranges for a cute little Mexican boy in a sombrero to bring her flowers onstage in Texas. What a pitiful and despicable show.

If you ever see a Latino near her multimillion-dollar house in Chappaqua, New York, he'll likely be on his knees in the dirt with a gardening trowel.

You are to her a vote, nothing more. It is not you who matters to her. It is your gullibility that matters to her. Her goal is not to serve you. Her goal is to con you and use you to become president, and that is all. You are to her expendable, a mere means to an end that does not involve you or your concerns or your welfare.

It is becoming apparent that, as they become increasingly exposed to her, working-men, women, and Latinos are growing less receptive to her condescending and fatuous lies. No one with any self-respect or desire to get a better shake in this life should fall for her jive.

I hope that voters in Ohio, Texas, and Wisconsin prove themselves to be worldlier and wiser than the yokels who embraced her here in New York. A friend of mine in Texas tells me flat-out: "Barack will take Texas. Just watch." I hope he is right, and I hope the same goes for Ohio and Wisconsin as well.

Barack Obama is the only serious presidential contender in my lifetime who was not born rich, who worked and had it rough, who believes in the value of education, and who knows what life and people are like beneath the closed realm of the stupid, ruinous ruling class, of which the Clintons, like the Bush family, are a part.

All politicians are whores. What we need, for a long-overdue change, is a whore that doesn't rob us into the bargain.

A telling story has been brought to my attention. It comes from Trust Me, a book about Charles Keating and the Savings and Loan scandal of the 1980s. John McCain was involved with Keating, accepted money and favors from him, then testified against him. Keating called him "a wimp." This says more about McCain than all the self-serving tales of his heroism as a prisoner of war that he so endlessly and shamelessly peddles. His heroism, like Hillary Clinton's concern for you, is a vapid pretense. McCain goes so far as to express admiration for George Bush, who has put this country into an open grave and pissed on it. We know where McCain stands. But be assured that Hillary Clinton would also piss on us just as George Bush did. The only difference would be that her squatting fat ass and her shrewish cackle would be closer to our faces as she did so."

I might not have put it quite like that, and I don't usually quote others at length....but a case could be made.