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Democrats, Who Pays Your Bills?

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The question isn't how much money the Democratic candidates have raised. The real question is: Where did the money come from?

Here are the questions they should be asked at the next "debate:"

1. How much did you get from the Health Industry?
2. How much did you get from the Insurance Industry?
3. How much from Oil companies?
4. How much from the banking industry?
5. How much from the military industry?
6. How much from Wal-Mart? From GE? From Murdoch? From Disney?

In other words...

To whom are you beholden. That's more important than any policy question they might be asked. They can fudge policy issues. They MUST answer these questions.

Anything else is obfuscation. Is Obama authentic? Let's hear him disavow any contributions from these corporations. What will Hillary say? She vacuums money from big health.

It doesn't matter what you say you're going to do when you get elected. What matters is who has paid your bills and enabled you to get elected. Those corporations don't give money, they spend money and they expect a return.

Tell us, o authentic Dems, who pays YOUR bills?