Rumblings From the Graves

10/11/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I am certain that our founding fathers didn't have this in mind as they risked their fortunes, their reputations and even their lives to create this country. In case some of you haven't noticed, the political process has once again caused us to take our eye off of the proverbial ball. The campaigns have slipped into a world of smoke and mirrors. After some serious vetting by "my people" of some of the advisers for both parties, the following names surfaced -- Blackstone, Houdini, Penn, Teller, and Copperfield. And because of the magnitude of the illusions that both parties are trying to create, we even found Siegfried and Roy in the mix. I was a bit surprised to see Sieg and Roy working for the Republican party. I figured that once the Republican VP choice was announced they would break away from the party. After all, you know that Sieg and Roy are -- well you know -- they are a little different -- you know -- they have different ideas from the VP candidate and the Republican party -- you know how they are -- they are fond of -- you know...fond of animals and she is a hunter.

It is taking skilled magicians and illusionists to manipulate the media and the voters. As Americans, we are lucky that we are able to send 15,000 media people to cover 4,000 participants at a convention. My math skills aren't what they used to be (partly because I studied the old math and we all know the new math is different), but isn't that 3.75 media for each participant? It seems to me that might be a bit of over kill. I guess without that kind of coverage we never would have answered the important questions. I have always liked lists because they seem to trim away a great deal of the eyewash. Thanks to the crack work by the media, here are just a few of the important questions that have already been answered in this campaign.

1. Obama went to a church where the minister was a bit crazy.
2. McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns.
3. Recently Thompson flew first class and his wife flew coach
4. Palin looks good in stilettos, mini-skirt and satin blouse
5. Biden likes to talk
6. Obama has a decent jump shot
7. McCain was a POW
8. Something about Rudy and 9/11
9. Hillary can drink beer
10. Don't get on the wrong side of Palin

I am grateful for the wonderful work that the media has done in these areas and I feel better, as well as safer, knowing all of the above. The constant bombardment by this kind of non-issue information has almost convinced me that this is what it's all about. Those things and of course the Hokie-Pokie.

Being from Virginia, I live where you can barely hock a loogie without hitting a founding father's or president's grave. There has been a rumbling in the ground in Virginia lately that has been keeping me awake at night. It's the sound of the dead presidents and founding fathers here in Virginia rolling over in their graves as they witness what this process has become. How could what we call the greatest country in the world get so far off course?

We hear twisted truths, lies, insinuations, accusations and attacks. Where did the issues go? One campaign representative said that this is no longer about issues. I hate to dignify that comment with a response because to those of us outside of the unreal world of politics, it is all about the issues. It's about the issues that affect us and our families. This isn't about who's sleeping with whom. This isn't about anyone's political aspirations. This isn't about someone having been a POW. This isn't about the candidate's children. This isn't about a candidate's church. What it is truly about is my future and my children's future. My time and my future are way too valuable to listen to candidates and their egos debating with twisted truths. It's time to cut the BS and the attacks so we can talk about our future. It's time to cut the BS and talk about American pride. It's time to cut the BS and talk about regaining respect for our country. It's time to talk about issues. It's time to make it about the people. Let's make our founding fathers proud so the rumblings stop and I can get some sleep.