The Audacity of Dopes II

02/06/2007 09:21 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Madam Speaker,

Here is today's example of why you must immediately move to begin the impeachment process:

With a historically unprecedented budget deficit, President Bush has asked Congress for an additional 245 billion dollars to continue his wars without end in Afghanistan and Iraq, soon to spread to Iran. This marks a 60% increase since only 2000 in the budget for the Defense Department.

Not coincidentally, the president also asks to make permanent his tax cuts for the super rich while cutting Medicaid and Medicare by 70 billion over the next 5 years. This is Grover Norquist's dream come true, the ultra conservative 'starve the beast' economic policy where the government is sunk so deep into debt from handing out billions in no-bid military contracts to corrupt companies like Halliburton and Bechtel, that it's forced to de-fund the very social policies that make this country great by providing crucial threads in the social fabric for the non-rich rest of the country--the other 95% of us.

Given the extent of the President's record of lying, we wonder if it's even possible to debate these policies at all.

Americans are not stupid, and we see this budget for what it is; free money to the filthy rich borne on the backs of hard-working Americans. It's been six years of this already, and we are curious to see how beholden the Democrats are to the very same moneyed interests that have driven this country to the brink of financial--if not civic and democratic---disaster.

Are you different than the rest of them, ready to give us the change you promised, the change you said our recent election was demanding?

One hopes that the historically unprecedented madman in the White House would not be emboldened enough to continue these assaults on the citizens of the United States if impeachment was underway, but one thing is certain--if the president were removed from office, he would no longer have the power to commit such acts.

The world is waiting for you and your fellow Democrats to wake up. Will today be the day?

Tomorrow we'll have another reason for you, as we will every day, until you accept responsibility for the public mandate that swept you into your historically unprecedented position of power.

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