09/07/2011 02:06 pm ET | Updated Nov 07, 2011

Buddy the Wonder Dog


Six long weeks ago our dachshund Jack passed away. It came as no real surprise. Jack was almost fifteen, but his sister is still a dynamo at almost eighteen. Even when it's seemingly natural and orderly, life can be challenging to understand.

After the tears and the emotions of loss, I came to my characteristic conclusion that it was time to make lemonade of life's latest crop of low-down lemons. I searched the Internet for another dachshund. There were dogs of every age, size, and color, and shape. The experience was uplifting -- so many rescue groups picking up where absent or irresponsible owners had left off. I was particularly thrown by one sweet old female doxie who had been left at a shelter by her elderly owner's children when their mom went into assisted living. Then too were the pair of hot dogs that were left by the roadside after convenience had collided with responsibility in one unnamed and coldhearted owner's life. The sad news could be overwhelming, but I kept my eye on the sparrow by knowing these pets were at last safe and sound.

Hooray and Bravo to every organization and individual that seeks to spay, neuter and pick up where irresponsibility abandons. Here in Southampton my partner and I often eat at Shippy's. It's a German restaurant that's been open for over fifty years. One amazing waitress, Dee, has gone to feed, neuter and care for a colonies of feral cats that would otherwise starve, freeze, or breed themselves into sickness. For every Dee there are scores and scores of warm-hearted people doing the tough work for our furry friends. I love that.

So there I was searching the net for a new pup, when I ran across Rocky (we since changed his name to Buddy). Buddy was acquired through The Bill Foundation. The organization saves countless dogs left in LA shelters. They aggressively market the rescues at pet stores, over the Internet, on store billboards, and any other imaginable way. Here's a link to the furry friends the Bill Foundation has adopted over this summer! Without Bill -- and thousands of organizations like Bill across the US -- millions of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even reptiles would be homeless and destroyed.

Now we have Buddy. His sketchy history says he was left in the Carson, Ca. pet shelter with a "split personality." The only thing split about Buddy is his attention between kissing me and any other friend within a tongue's length. He's really sweet; I couldn't be happier. Adopt. Don't breed or buy. The warmth we feel having saved this wonderful pup's life, makes Jack's passing seem well-timed, natural and orderly. Now, off to run around the yard with my new best friend!

Thanks Bill.

**** One observant reader noticed the curtains tied UP in the background. Yes, Little Buddy did tip his leg on the curtains. He did it only once, but I'm not taking any chances! ;-)