06/25/2009 06:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Jackson Springs into Summer with Santa (Video)

Professionally, Michael Jackson has achieved more than most of us can even dream. His music has lifted each one of us out of more than a funk or two, while his videos and dance beckon millions of fans to strive toward perfection. Like The Beatles and Elvis, Jackson is one of the few timeless and resonate voices of our generation.

Michael Jackson never targets for the middle.

There is something undefined within us that seeks to provoke our heroes until they lie before us broken and beaten. Perhaps mediocrity just wants to prove that aiming for perfection exacts too high a price.

The magnifying glass under which Michael Jackson has lived his entire life has exacted an obvious price. Still as we berate him we can't stop watching him -- no matter how often we think we've seen it all. My sense is he'd never want the anonymity of a life out of the limelight. His latest concert announcement is a testament that he still has inspiration to share with his fans.

It's only with that sense of respect and awe -- and my own warped desire for Warhol's immortal fifteen minutes that I am reporting on his Christmas decorations. Jackson is one of a kind. I'm glad he's in my neighborhood and in the world.

Merry Easter Michael.