Movie Titles That Convey Your Feelings For You

05/25/2011 01:05 pm ET

Recently the film He's Just Not That Into You was released. Now, I was "not that into" the movie itself, but what was amazing was how it brilliantly gave guys a perfect solution to their dating woes. I was recently dating a girl that I was "just not that into," but I was struggling with how to break this news to her gently. Usually a few unreturned calls and uncomfortable brunches are enough to give them the message, but sometimes you don't want to have to go through all that. Plus some people can't seem to take a hint. I was elated to see that all I had to do was take her to see this film whose title conveyed exactly where I was in our relationship. It was pretty clear after I took her to see this movie again a week later that I was "just not that into" her and she stopped calling me.

I think this is a great service Hollywood is providing for us. Instead of having to awkwardly tell the person you're dating what's happening inside your head, just take them to see a film with a title that blatantly screams out your feelings. Hollywood is already in production with more films to further help people in awkward relationship limbos. Here are a few of them: It's Not You It's Me, I Just Want To Be Friends With Benefits, I Don't Want to Date You But I'd Like to Have Oral Sex With You At Least Once a Week, I Want to Have a Threesome With You and Your Friend Monica; No the Other Monica the One Who Looks like Julia Stiles, and finally the most useful one: Disney's I Had Sex with Your Sister While You Were Visiting Your Grandparents in Florida: 3D.