The Sunday Papers

06/26/2005 04:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Some required reading for the week, late on a hot, lazy June Sunday, chilled lemonade in hand in the hammock, still quivering from the non-news of the Sunday morning talk shows (Rumsfeld's shocking "We're in Vietnam" admission on MTP aside):

The Trickster finds a link between King John and the Supreme Court's already notorious eminent domain ruling in the case of of Suzette Kello et al. vs. the city of New London, CT, in which the court ruled 5-4 that a municipality can take title of private property by 'eminent domain in order to transfer that property to another private owner under the banner of economic development.' Tragedy for the remaining semi-liberal judges.

Lance Mannion doesn't recognize the New York of his salad days anymore, back when his fondest hope was to become a "real" New York writer. Take Gotham out of the equation and he got his wish. Boy can write.

The always vicious Steve Gilliard unmans a Freeper trackback artist who dared to take him on in his New Yorker bile-risen blasting of scam artist and homefront apologist Karl Rove (still employed by our President after disgracing his nation in so public a manner). Blast off, hate-mongers!

For everyone who loves a dummy (besides my wife) comes Joe Gandelman's terrific tribute to master ventriloquist Paul Winchell. Joe may be the Internet's only ventriloquist blogger - it's amazing he's so proficient at both. I, for one, would love to see Karl Rove tackle a blog; then he'd be like Joe, only not as smart. In any case, Gandelman is one of my daily stops; he should be on your list too.

One should always listen to Steve Bowbrick, I find - this week, he offers some good advice from England: "Public health and private gain are not incompatible." Quite so, and Steve, who knows the ad agencies like anyone, believes the fat kid health scare will eventually be mitigated by a joint Allied operation of health care, the ad wizards, and Mickey D's. Food for, um, thought.

Fred Wilson is an A-list blogger who has no use for A-list bloggers. How cool is that? Read Fred's diatribe against lists of movers and shakers. It's a good one.