09/29/2011 04:28 pm ET | Updated Nov 29, 2011

What They Don't Tell You About Those Diversity Bake Sales

So Tuesday, UC Berkeley went ahead with its purposely racist "Diversity Bake Sale." The bake sale charges white people more for baked goods than people of color, with women getting a $0.25 discount. The purpose of this is to protest what the group sees as the racist practice of considering an applicant's race and/or gender in the school admission process.

If you've been following for a whlie, you know that I went to a pretty racist school. What you don't know is that I actually attended one such bake sale. And what else you don't know is this: sure, minorities get discounted goods, but those goods are not created equally.

I attended the sale with a good friend of mine, Adam, a white male (I am a black female), and we noticed something interesting after reading the ingredients labels on our cupcakes (we checked after I noticed that mine was surprisingly bitter while Adam's apparently tasted like good times and happiness). I saved the labels:

Guess which one the white folks got?

So sure. My cupcake was discounted. That's kind of just a drop in the bucket compared to everything else I still have to digest.