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10 Best Value Destinations From Around the World | August 28, 2014 | UK Lifestyle
Want to travel to the corners of the world without breaking the bank? These 10 destinations might be just the ticket. Selected due to their value for money and favourable hotel reputation, these towns, cities and national parks will not disappoint.
Travel + Leisure


America's Best Cities for Fall Travel (PHOTOS)

Travel + Leisure | August 28, 2014 | Travel
No doubt, the crisp air and vibrant fall foliage can put a spring in your step. And for travelers, autumn offers added incentives: summer crowds have dissipated, hotel rates have wafted downward, and in many cities, the best local experiences are ready to shine.
Travel + Leisure


World's Scariest Stairs (PHOTOS)

Travel + Leisure | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Travelers with nerves of steel--and eager for bragging rights--follow these stairs because of what they find at the end, whether a sacred Hindu temple or the top of a spectacular waterfall. There's nothing quite like the thrill of accomplishment that comes once you've taken that last step. Safely, that is.
Conde Nast Traveler


The World's Dreamiest Private Island Resorts

Conde Nast Traveler | August 28, 2014 | Travel
These incredible private islands are open to vacationers, for a price.
U.S. News Travel


Cafes Your Favorite Authors Loved

U.S. News Travel | August 28, 2014 | Travel
From Keats to Hemingway, Paris to New Orleans, the Romantics to the Beat Generation, this is your grand tour of the places where the greats wrote and drank -- and you can, too.


8 Tips to Finding a Good Restaurant While Traveling

Travelzoo | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Memorable meals can make a trip, but locating a good restaurant in an unfamiliar place can be tricky -- especially when hunger has already set in.


How to Make Your Dream Trip a Reality | August 28, 2014 | Travel
If you have a travel bucket list and want to start checking things off it, here are some tactics to get you started, keep you on track and get you there.
Cassim Shepard

From Chelsea to Corona: Public Cost and Public Benefit in the New Public Park

Cassim Shepard | August 28, 2014 | New York
Former Mayor Bloomberg presided over an impressive and significant investment in public space, leveraging the frenzied pace of real estate development to subsidize new parks. Yet, somehow, the new open spaces built in the past decade - free and accessible to all - have come to symbolize, for some, just the opposite: elitism and the inequality of opportunity.
John Mariani

Dining out in New Orleans

John Mariani | August 28, 2014 | Taste
As you enter there is a serious bar with a serious barman -- not a place to hear the new Jay Z CD or watch women's golf.
Courtney Price


Visitor's Guide to San Francisco

Courtney Price | August 28, 2014 | Travel
This guide is for the San Francisco tourist, from a recent visitor: a photographic guide of pointers that bring together a list to choose from when planning your visit.
Jacada Travel


Five Amazing Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve

Jacada Travel | August 28, 2014 | Travel
We've selected destinations from all over the world on the basis of their awesome firework displays, dramatic countdowns and stellar views. Here are our top five that have made the all-important cut.
Sarah Stodola


Travel Guide: The Art and Design (and Food and Drink) of Marfa, Texas

Sarah Stodola | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Before minimalist artist Donald Judd arrived in the early 1970s, Marfa was a floundering former railroad stopover in the remote West Texas desert. He gave the town its first dose of creative vigor, and in his wake a growing handful of artists and...


Our 5 Favorite Espressos in London

Vayable | August 28, 2014 | Travel
In the last ten years, espresso pop up shops, coffee trolleys, and artisanal pour-overs have proliferated across central London and into the furthest reaches of the city -- meaning (thankfully) that an excellent cup of coffee is never more than a few streets away.
Susan Fogwell


Day Tripping in Horsey Middleburg, Virginia

Susan Fogwell | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Middleburg, Virginia is known for being the nation's horse and hunt capital; it's guarded and private with a certain snob appeal. As of 2014, 611 residents live in the coveted zip code and thrive on the country state of mind.
Home Away


Just in Time for Labor Day Weekend: Tips for BBQing on Vacation

Home Away | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Just make sure there's a grill where you're going, and you can take your ultimate Labor Day BBQ on the road.
Bob Richter


War, Remembrance, Five Star Accommodations and Great Flea Markets are Hallmarks of Berlin

Bob Richter | August 28, 2014 | Travel
The movie won Best Picture that year, and the lavish sets designed by the great Cedric Gibbons perfectly depicted a Five Star hotel in all its grandeur.
National Trust for Historic Preservation


Road Trip to the "Secret City": Atomic History in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

National Trust for Historic Preservation | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Written by Raina Regan, Community Preservation Specialist, Indiana Landmarks Aerial view of the plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee Science, secrecy, and a large sense...
Minnesota Historical Society

Minnesota State Fair in Posters

Minnesota Historical Society | August 28, 2014 | Travel
The first Minnesota State Fair was held in 1859 and has been held every year since then with five exceptions. This annual Minnesota summertime tradition has been well-documented through numerous formats, including the posters used to entice visitors to spend a day enjoying...
National Trust for Historic Preservation


Saving Lincoln Center: An El Paso Community's Effort to Protect its Heritage

National Trust for Historic Preservation | August 28, 2014 | Travel
Written by Cassie Keener The Lincoln Center in El Paso, Texas In a predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood, the Lincoln Center has been a gathering place for people in this El Paso community since the early 20th century. It has served...
René Steinke

6 Texas Books That Aren't About Cowboys

René Steinke | August 28, 2014 | Books
Wranglin' up the best from the Lone Star State
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