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Shirin Sadeghi

U.S. Citizen Put on No-Fly List to Pressure Him Into Becoming FBI Informant

Shirin Sadeghi | Posted June 7, 2012

It didn't seem terribly strange to Kevin Iraniha when an FBI agent showed up at his door in August 2011 just after he returned from a whirlwind trip through India, Egypt and Iran.

The 27-year-old Iranian American says the agent was "very friendly" and just kept repeating that, "You...

John Oseid

A Jungle Opera Burlesque Show In The Heart Of The Amazon (PHOTOS)

John Oseid | Posted June 7, 2012

A parrot as tall as a four story house, a serpent big enough to swallow an SUV and a pink half man-half dolphin hover in the air. Sounds like a world out of Hieronymus Bosch.

If you make the 15-hour riverboat journey from the Brazilian city Manaus or you fly...

Kevin Richberg

10 Only In Kansas Accommodations (PHOTOS)

Kevin Richberg | Posted June 7, 2012

I can already sense the sneers and rolling eyebrows from the traveling naysayers when I express my admiration for Kansas, but I refuse to buy into any of that. While traveling this patch of North American for a segment of The 30 Postcards Project, Kansas Postcard in hand,...

Rick Steves

High-Maintenance High Culture In Venice

Rick Steves | Posted June 7, 2012

It's impressive to think what it takes to keep a medieval basilica constantly ready for worship and tourism -- all over Europe and all through the ages. Churches everywhere have workshops associated with them, where statues gnawed bald by acidic air are redone, where soot-covered stained-glass windows are cleaned, and...

Kip Patrick

The Philippine Surfer's Paradise Perfect For Non-Surfers (PHOTOS)

Kip Patrick | Posted June 7, 2012

Unless you're a serious surfer, you've probably never heard of Catanduanes Island or its world famous surf break, the aptly-named Majestics, some 350 miles southeast of Manila, Philippines. Wave-riders in the know have been frequenting the remote spot since at least the early 80s, particularly during typhoon season from July...


Tech-Free Havens: The World's Best Unplugged Getaways (PHOTOS)

Oyster | Posted June 7, 2012

With the prevalence of technology, it can sometimes be hard to vacation on vacation. Plenty of hooked-up travelers will check work e-mail using the hotel Wi-Fi or use their Blackberrys on the beach compulsively. For some, the only solution is to go truly off the grid. Take a look at...

Jon Vidar

Jerusalem's Holy Sites In 60 Seconds (VIDEO)

Jon Vidar | Posted June 7, 2012

My organization, The Tiziano Project, empowers local community members in conflict, post-conflict and underrepresented regions to tell their own stories using new media. In the last several months, our work has brought us to Latvia, Afghanistan, the West Bank and Jerusalem, Philadelphia, South LA and an Apache Indian...

Malerie Yolen-Cohen

Setting Out Across America On Route 6

Malerie Yolen-Cohen | Posted June 7, 2012

Last year, when I turned double nickles and my kids flew the nest, I decided to drive cross-country on the second longest highway in the U.S., Route 6. Route 6, also known as the vaguely communist-sounding Grand Army of the Republic Highway, was once the longest road in America, running...