04/06/2006 03:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

How Strong the Democrats Will Be When They Learn to Row Together

John Kerry's powerful proposal of a May 15th deadline for the Iraqis to form a government is exactly the type of decisive, positive, security-centric message Democrats need to be putting out there right now.

Russell Feingold's call to censure the President is exactly the type of strong, moral stance that Democrats need to make right now to show their backbone and respect for the rule of law.

Why do these bold, macho ideas have to come from individuals and not the party as a whole? They are the exact tonic not only the Democratic base but the entire country is craving. The vast majority of this nation, left, right and center, is sick of simply more of the same.

I realize that in 2008 Democrats will be competing against each other but in 2006 they are competing against Republicans. Why don't the Democratic leaders realize that a rising tide of American enthusiasm for Democratic ideas will raise all boats?

The White House hasn't even bothered to respond to the Kerry plan. And how can Democrats blame them? Most Democrats haven't responded either.

The call for a deadline from the Iraqis would be embraced by the vast majority of Americans. Only those living inside the bubble of the beltway can't see that. There is only an upside to embracing Senator Kerry's plan. And even if you're going to run against him for the nomination two years from now, be gracious now, take one for the team (and more importantly for the good of your nation) and support the idea.

The American People have already withdrawn from Iraq. The administration already gave up Iraq for lost months ago so cut development aid and aid for democracy training. U.S. troop deaths are way down because they are already garrisoned as Senators Kerry and Murtha have proposed, going out on fewer and fewer patrols. The next step is by years end to simply garrison them in Kuwait.

Democrats can either call for action now or sit on their asses and watch the Bush Administration figure out a way to pull out a significant number troops before the midterms and reap the political benefits.

The choice is easy. Democrats can band together now or lose the midterms and lose yet again in 2008.

(If you would like to co-sign Senator Kerry's resolution click here.)