NBA Players Can Take a Lesson From David and Goliath for Looming Lockout

05/12/2011 12:27 pm ET | Updated Jul 12, 2011

This is a world in which money and power trumps everybody and anything that doesn't have GOD as its cornerstone will eventually stumble and fall. With that said, how can players in a league triumph over owners of that League absent the faith of David? Employees fighting a battle against their employers in which there is no foul play is similar in comparison to the battle of David and Goliath.

Professional athletes are gravely in trouble as it pertains to their leverage in negotiating a deal that would benefit the long term interests of future athletes. A deal will eventually be made between the players and the owners. What cost will the players have to pay when you consider the long and short term goals of both sides? I am concerned the players will ultimately be squeezed into an agreement that will hurt future players down the line but appease the player of today with a "Fools Gold" deal.

The players must avoid having the wool pulled over their eyes by deal points that are made out to be major concerns of the owners For example, the age limit of players entering the NBA was a major point of emphasis in the previous collective bargaining agreement. Points like the following are not sincere in its morality, but are solely used as a negotiating pawn to check mate the larger issue. Although this issue is large, it's only large to the grand scheme of the owners. With that being said it is very minute within the four corners of the document, at times even invisible in its appearance.

What would have happened to the Israelites absent the faith of David to go up against the Philistines mighty giant Goliath? Better yet where would mankind today be without that faith? Without that same faith, the future for professional athletes is not promising.