04/01/2013 10:56 am ET Updated Jun 01, 2013

Top 5 Videos of the Week: Presented by UCB Comedy

Each week I count down my favorite online videos created by UCB performers and alumni. "What is UCB? What does it stand for?" one may ask. It is not, the "United Christians Brigade," as my mother calls it. Close, but not quite. The Upright Citizens Brigade is the ultimate hub of comedic talent, a religion for some, and a cult classic for the young at heart. In a relatively short amount of time (roughly 15 years), this theater/training center has bred some of the most talented writers and performers in mainstream comedy and continues to do so from its underground persona, behind a mysterious man in 3D glasses.

Vote for your favorite and comment! -- C, the intern

1. Awkward Virgin Looking To Date

Singles mixers are awkward. She makes it even more awkward.

WHY I LIKE IT: She's adorkable and smart and... maybe some of it will rub off if you take a class with UCB's Abra Tabak.

2. Jim O'Heir Gave Mary Tyler Moore the Very Wrong Idea

When I was seven, I pretended to be Mary Tyler Moore and ended up losing my pink beret to the roof of an administrative building. Jim O'Heir (Parks & Rec) recounts his Mary Tyler Moore moment, during which he may have lost a little part of his self-esteem. What's your MTM story? (Animated Stories, created by UCBComedy, is a delightfully animated modern-day, cocktail party series of stories brought to life by some of your favorite comedians.)

WHY I LIKE IT: Jim O'Heir's accent. Whatever regional accent that is.

3. Veep Season 2: Trailer #2

UCB founder Matt Walsh in HBO's Veep! Veep's sophomore season premieres Sunday, April 14th at 10PM.

WHY I LIKE IT: It's like if you married The West Wing with Seinfeld.


Do you ever entertain the idea of just like... putting your name on the ballot and technically running for President of the United States? Or training as a legitimate attempt to be in the Olympics? Hailed by The New York Times as a "veteran comedian," Connor Ratliff has fulfilled both. The latter you can watch here...

WHY I LIKE IT: Because he somehow, kind-of got a pro biotic yogurt company to sponsor him, unofficially, sort of...

5. Scared D Train

If you're a New Yorker, you'll get it. If you're not, you'll think this is Thomas the Train personified, with profanity. Writen by Matt Klinman.

WHY I LIKE IT: I actually don't. I really love this one.

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