The Top 70 Most Social U.S. Federal Technology Pros On Twitter

01/02/2014 01:05 pm ET | Updated Mar 04, 2014

Alex Howard

Steve Ressler

Beth Beck

Casey Coleman

David Bray

Rick Holgate

Erie Meyer

Kevin Baron

Aneesh Chopra

Goldy Kamali

Gwynne Kostin

William Eggers

Steven VanRoekel

Eric Chabrow

Justin Herman

John Michel

Chris Dorobek

Todd Park

Marina Martin

Cameron Brenchley

Jimmy Daly

Brett Bobley

Matthew Burton

Alice Lipowicz

Jason Miller

Joseph Marks

Mary Davie

Jeanne Holm

Mike Kruger

Wyatt Kash

Bryan Sivak

Andy Blumenthal

Sonny Hashmi

Camille Tuutti

Bill Marion

Claudia Hosky

Andrea DiMaio

Amber Corrin

Frank Konkel

Bob Brewin

Naba Barkakati

Tim Fullerton

Ward Walker

Brittany Ballenstedt

Vanessa Roberts

Molly Walker

Troy Schneider

Colby Hochmuth

Adam Mazmanian

Nicole Johnson

Frank Baitman

Ryan Petersen

Shawn McCarthy

Matt McLaughlin

Thomas Sasala

Rutrell Yasin

Peter Tseronis

Greg Poersch

Stan Buch

Zach Rausnitz

John Bicknell

Xavier Hughes

Nishant Shah

Rory Schultz

Heather Kuldell

Reid Davenport

Shawn Kingsberry

Deborah Diaz

Steve Watkins

Scott Maucione


Information flow and interactive communication with our elected and appointed representatives is vital for government to function. It's unfortunate that frenzies such as the roll out of can overshadow the positive changes and developments going on in this area. One especially positive development is that technology leaders in federal government are becoming active in social networking, driving an ever-improving customer experience for citizens. While the process of social business transformation is important to all industries, it has a critical role in government. According to the PEW Research Center, only 43% of Americans believe that our elected officials are "able to get things done." Better communication on the part of his team to his constituency can improve that standing.

Here's the list of the most socially innovative federal government technologists in the US. This list includes federal CIOs, CTOs and key IT staff members, as well as federal media and analysts who work closest with the US federal government. These individuals actively engage on social media. The ranking is based on several factors including the number of tweets, size of the network, number of lists, Klout and Kred scores, and regular thoughtful interactions and engagements. I invite you to join me in applauding the technologist on this list for their commitment to inform and better educate their networks.

I plan on researching and sharing a list of socially innovative technologists in state and local government, as well as global government social innovators shortly. As always, I welcome suggestions on other brilliant federal CIOs/CTOs/CDOs, analysts, editors and curators to include on the list.