Video From TMZ

Trump -- "Disgusting" Rosie's Exit a "Great Service"

Watch it now »His Comboverness, Donald Trump, just couldn't resist taking one more swinging kick at Rosie O'Donnell on her way out

Lindsay -- Move Bitch, Get Out the Way!

Watch it now »It seems that Lindsay Lohan isn't with Calum Best anymore -- but at least she's got a man to strong-arm photogs!

Rosie's Rearview -- A Giant Hint?

Watch it now »Rosie continues to drop hints that she'll no longer be taking the time to enjoy "The View."

Paris Pumps Up for Pokey

Watch it now »Forget about her sex tape (you probably already have), here's the Paris Hilton workout tape!

Nicollette Shops 'till Friend Drops

Watch it now »Hangin' out with Nicollette Sheridan can be hazardous to your health.

Paris Goes Back Into Hyding

Watch it now »After weeks of studying the Bible and working on her fitness, Paris Hilton finally got back to what she does best -- partying at Hyde.

Clive's Speech Ain't Music to Kelly's Ears

Watch it now »After Clive Davis' very public display of rejection toward pop superstar Kelly Clarkson on last night's "American Idol" finale, sources tell TMZ that SONY/BMG execs were apologizing to members of Clarkson's camp for their label head's rude behavior.

Clooney Bags on Brangelina

Watch it now »George Clooney thinks Angelina Jolie is a "horrible" and "ugly" person.

Trump Sides with Rosie: Hasselbeck's a Dummy!

Watch it now »Holy combover! Donald Trump is siding with Rosie O'Donnell for once ... but don't count on a truce just yet.

No Rosie-Colored "View"

Watch it now »One day after her onset meltdown with Elisabeth Hasslebeck, Rosie O'Donnell took the day off.