08/06/2013 03:28 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

Men vs. Women: Who's Saving and Who's Spending?

The issue of credit card debt in America may not be as grim as the media paints it. At the very least, it is starting to improve.

For 55% of Americans, savings outweigh credit card debt. Only 24% of the 1,000 surveyed in a study from Bankrate admitted to having less money in emergency funds than they had negative balances on their credit cards, while 16% had neither debt, nor savings. The numbers indicate a slow, but steady growth of the savings rate compared to the recession, when only 39% of Americans had savings to last them for more than three months.

The infographic looks further into the discrepancies of the saving habits and financial satisfaction of men and women. The results confirm an old stereotype: Men are better savers than women, and they feel less uncomfortable about their current financial status and more optimistic about the future. Here's a closer look into the financial habits of Americans in this graphic from Turbo Tax: