03/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Microcredit As Part of the Solution: Yunus Spreads Grameen in the U.S.

The crowds in the U.S. waiting to hear Muhammad Yunus, the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner, and founder of the Grameen bank for the poor, are growing larger and larger. Standing ovations after Prof. Yunus speaks are the norm. Students and interested citizens wait in line as he signs copies of his book, « Creating a World Without Poverty : the Future of Capitalism ».

Microcredit can be a big part of the solution to the economic crisis, and not just in poor countries, but in the West as well. This message was applauded by members of the banking regulatory committee along with young people at the University of North Carolina last week :

"People have unlimited potential. But many of us never know, never get to see and unpack the gift we have inside of us," Yunus said. "The first responsibility of society should be to unleash this gift to solve the world's problems."

"A human being wants to change the world, take care of everybody and the world," he added. "Human beings are not just about making profits."
- Muhammad Yunus

President Obama, please make Microcredit part of the rescue package. You saw how your mother used this important tool to help bring people out of poverty and create jobs. Secretary of State Clinton, you know the power of small loans and bringing women fully into the it can change lives and saw it early on...we need this now both as part of our policy abroad and at home! Mr. Head of Treasury Geithner, your father has dedicated his life to helping spread the message and concrete power of microcredit, it is no accident that you now are in a position to put these kinds of programs into place and include them in the financial structure of our country.

The American people should make it known that Microcredit must be part of the rescue focusing on helping people with small loans,( not bonuses for the Wall Street bankers who got us into this mess), we will see real, concrete changes in real lives of real human beings, who only ask to be allowed to help themselves!