11/12/2010 03:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Governor Hickenlooper -- Ask for This Money

An interesting thing is going on in the states where Republican Governors are being sworn in to replace their Democratic predecessors.

From Meteor Blades on DKos:

Governor-elect Scott Walker of Wisconsin doesn't want to build the high-speed rail line from Madison to Milwaukee that the federal government has granted his state $810 million for. Governor-elect John Kasich of Ohio doesn't want to spend the $400 million in federal grants his state is slated for a high-speed line connecting Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Governor-elect Rick Scott of Florida doesn't want to spend the $2.05 billion the feds have granted his state for high-speed rail between Tampa and Orlando. Add in the $3 billion in federal dollars for the Hudson River Tunnel that Gov. Chris Christie rejected and you've got a substantial pile of dough.

(These Governors)... want to spend it on "traditional" transportation projects, mostly highways. The U.S. Department of Transportation has told them no go, as greendem notes in the diary Obama Admin: Rail Money is for Rail, Use it or lose it.

So why not give that $6.2 billion to California and Illinois, states with Democratic governors who actually favor the idea of high-speed rail?

An excellent idea. If Republican governors are going to reject high speed rail in their states, send that money to states with Democratic Governors.

I am pretty sure that people in Boulder and Aurora who had their hopes for light rail delayed by budget shortfalls would love to have a chance at this money for our state.

So Gov.-elect Hickenlooper, make the request please... and let's show Republican-led states what Democratic-led states have in terms of superior infrastructure, transportation and green jobs for our workers. I am sure Jerry Brown is going to be doing so.

In doing so, you'll not only be helping us here in Colorado, you'll be able to show voters nationally that Democrats and the President are smarter than obstructionist politicians.