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Wallace J Nichols

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Ten Great Places To Visit And Help Wild Animals

Posted: 09/09/11 02:32 PM ET

Modern people are increasingly cut off from nature yet wild animals are increasingly in need of our help. Tourism is by no means a silver bullet solution, but if done right it can be good for travelers and help protect the animals.

Conservation travel is an emerging way for travelers to give back while on vacation. People can now volunteer with wildlife conservation projects while traveling or see and learn about wild animals in their natural habitat while supporting efforts to protect them. SEEtheWILD is the world's first wildlife conservation travel website: 5% of the cost of every trip goes to protect endangered animals.

We've partnered with leading outfitters and community-based conservation groups to gather together some of our favorite places, fascinating endangered species and ecosystems and some of the world's best conservation travel destinations to help you see the wild. Here are ten of our favorite conservation trips!

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La Flor Wildlife Refuge is one of a handful of beaches in the world to host an arribada, where thousands of turtles nest at a time. Travelers with the Mesoamerican Ecotourism Alliance can visit this beach from September to December in hopes of witnessing this event while supporting the efforts of Paso Pacifico, a local conservation organization. Visit this page to enter a sweepstakes for a free trip! (Photo: Adelayde Rivas / Paso Pacifico)
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