10/05/2011 04:21 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Joining Up!

Ok, after a week of trying to keep my emotional distance, I can't do it any more. There's something happening here. In New York, and in Boston, and Chicago, and San Francisco and Los Angeles and Denver and Seattle and please tell me all the other places. The fact that what it is, ain't exactly clear doesn't matter nearly as much as I used to think.

What is clear is that many thousands of Americans, led by the young, and now by unions, and soon by faith communities, are acting in the face of arrogant, unrestrained, irresponsible, corporate greed and its minions in the political and policy worlds. What is equally clear is that the banks and the subprime mortgage schemers brought the world's financial system to its knees, and millions of Americans are paying the price, by losing their jobs, homes, services, health care, and retirement security.

If we are in fact one country, it's time for those who got the richest while the rest of us stayed even or crashed and burned to pay their fair share. They didn't get rich by themselves; those who lost their jobs and houses didn't either. There is plenty of money, food, housing, and health care to go around in this wealthiest of countries. A movement can help us see that much more clearly.

A movement -- hopefully this one -- can transform the conventional political and economic wisdom from concern about deficits to concern about inequality and unfairness and injustice. I'm joining up. Hope to see you there.