09/21/2011 05:57 pm ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

What DADT Repeal Means: In Their Own Words

There is a lot to say about Sept. 20, 2011, the historic day when the 17-year-old law called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was finally repealed. But rather than just write about the discriminatory policy that kept the estimated 70,000 gay, lesbian and bisexual personnel who are currently serving their country from being open in the military and that was responsible for over 14,000 discharges over the years, I thought it would be best to hear what the repeal means to the men and women serving... in their own words.

Veterans speak about the end of DADT (from the Obama campaign):

A soldier comes out to his father on the day of the repeal:

Rachel Maddow talks with Lt. Josh Seefried (founder of Outserve) and Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach:

Rachel Maddow shows celebrations on the end of DADT, soldiers coming out and President Obama's campaign video:

Major Mike Almy and Captain Sarah Pezzat on the end of DADT:

101 faces of courage:

OutServe, the association of actively serving LGBT military members, released the latest edition of OutServe Magazine, featuring 101 actively serving military members identified by name, rank and duty station.

We serve in every country, in every conflict, and in every career field. We serve because we are committed to our country. We serve to protect those we love. We serve because we are dedicated to this self-evident truth -- that all men are created equal. This is who we are.

I think that says it all.