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February 27, 2015

5 Totally Clever Ideas for Unique Wedding Photos

I caught up with a few of my fave people in the wedding world to ask them how brides can get the most unique wedding shot list ideas to capture their entire wedding journey.

The Worst Thing Guests Can Do At A Wedding

Wedding Guest
Love Genre Films

Why 'Unique' Weddings Are A Myth

Unique Wedding


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The Top 5 Wedding Trends For 2015

Lace Wedding
Art Montes De Oca via Getty Images

Last Night I Dreamt Of You, But When I Woke Up You Were Still Gone

Jane Horton
Courtesy Jane Horton

10 Smart Ways To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

Happy Couple Home
Giorgio Fochesato via Getty Images

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings Oscars

12 Couples That Were The Definition Of #RelationshipGoals At The Oscars

Julianne Moore Husband

The Marriage Secret No One Wants To Admit

In Love Home
PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura via Getty Images

The Secret To A Happy Marriage May Be In Your DNA

Happy Marriage
Fig. 1

Couples Take On Famous Movie Kisses And It's Actually Pretty Romantic

Spiderman Kiss

A Husband Speaks: How I'm Saving My Marriage

Husband Sorry
Bert Hardy via Getty Images

20 Photos Of Pets At Weddings That Are Almost Too Cute For Words

Cute Wed Puppy
Vesic Photography

15 Things I'm Embarrassed To Admit I Need From My Future Husband

Embarrassed Woman
Meng Yiren via Getty Images

Here's The Sweet Story Behind That Hilarious 'Fake Selfie' Proposal

Funny Proposal Video
Great Video / YouTube

30 Wedding Bouquets With Eye-Popping Texture

Carley Rehberg Photography

25 Whimsical Wedding Ideas For Disney-Obsessed Couples

Disney Wedding Ideas

Lady Gaga's Engagement Ring Has A Special Surprise On The Band


33 Things Women Love Most About Being Married

Couple In Love
by Andi Singer via Getty Images

10 Pieces Of Retro Marital Advice That Have No Place In The Modern Marriage

George Marks via Getty Images

When I'm Forced To See Color In My Colorblind Marriage

Interracial Couple Holding Hand
Dusica Paripovic via Getty Images

Proposal At Walmart Reunites Couple Who Had Been Divorced For 43 Years


The Top 3 Bridal Trends Of 2015, According To Designer Jenny Packham

This Is What Marriage Is Actually About

Holding Hands Hospital
Nicki Pardo via Getty Images

What You Can And Cannot Lie About In Marriage

Crossed Fingers
Zoran Zeremski via Getty Images

Widow Receives Valentine's Day Bouquet From Husband 8 Months After His Death

Valentines Day Present
Courtesy of Shelly Golay

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings
Laura Zastrow Photography

12 Signs Your Husband Is Happily Married

Happy Marriage Home
Dean Mitchell via Getty Images

Taylor Swift Is Going To Be A Maid Of Honor!

Taylor Swift
John Shearer/Invision/AP

24 Unique Details That Will Make Your Bouquet Stand Out

Photo Bouquet
Eric Vest Photography, Inc.

Couples Play 'Truth Or Drink.' And Yes, Things Get Awkward

Truth Or Drink

6 Phrases More Important Than 'I Love You'

I Love You
Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

I Don't Remember Why I Married Him

Ton Hammer
Toni Hammer

Lady Gaga Is Engaged To Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga Engaged
Paul Morigi via Getty Images

Photos Of Couples Married 50 Years And More Capture The Beauty Of Longtime Love

Longtime Love
Tracey Buyce Photography

Benedict Cumberbatch Is Married!

Benedict Cumberbatch Sophie Hunter
John Phillips via Getty Images

The Very Real Struggle All Engaged Couples Face

George Marks via Getty Images

These Artistic Sicilian Wedding Photos Are Unlike Others You've Seen

Giuseppe Marano

5 Ways I'm Bringing The Romance This Valentine's Day

Couple Dancing Kid
Angela Cappetta via Getty Images

Why I Won't Tell My Husband I Love Him On Valentine's Day

Love Letter
Tricia S. Schumacher via Getty Images

'Divorce Didn't Stop Me From Launching A Wedding Magazine'

Southern Weddings Magazine
Courtesy of Lara Casey

Johnny Cash's Love Letter To June Carter Is One For The Ages

Johnny Cash June Carter
Archive Photos via Getty Images

This Flip-Book Marriage Proposal Is Pretty Flippin' Cute

Flipbook Proposal

Men Reveal The Moment They Knew They Had Found 'The One'

Man Loves Woman
Sam Edwards via Getty Images

How To Make A Marriage Last, According To People Who've Been Married For Decades


This Woman Donated Her Kidney To A Perfect Stranger. Now They're Getting Married.

Kidney Donor Couple Love
Courtesy of Ashley McIntyre

Why Two Non-Virgins Decided To Save Themselves For Marriage

Waiting Till Marriage
Gunnar Larson/Refinery 29

This Is What Love Looks Like After Marriage

Couple Laughing Home
Digital Vision. via Getty Images

Couple Married 81 Years: 'You're Damn Right' We're Still In Love

Rockey 81 Years
Courtesy of the family via Fox 4

Why You Should Treat Your Husband Like Your Best Friend

Happy Couple
Maskot via Getty Images

We Eloped In Vegas, And It Was Absolutely Perfect

Lisa Rosenberg

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings 29
Tracey Buyce Photography

Grandma Is Over The Moon About Being Chosen As A Bridesmaid At 95

Matron Of Honor Granny
New York Times

Do Married Couples Masturbate? Men And Women Open Up

Couple In Bed
bilderlounge via Getty Images

The Valentines Day Secret To Keeping Your Marriage Healthy

Romantic Couple
Tara Moore via Getty Images

3 Things To Consider When Deciding How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift

Wedding Present
Wendy Idele via Getty Images

Brides Reveal Their Biggest Fears About Marriage

Scared Brides
Stephen Morris via Getty Images

To My Mother-In-Law: I Was Wrong

Tina Plantamura
Courtesy of Tina Plantamura

7 Reasons Your Wife Is Stressed Out All The Time

Stressed Mom
George Doyle via Getty Images

How To Incorporate Your Love Of Board Games Into Your Wedding

Board Game Wedding
Liz Banfield Photography

Natalie Portman Stuns As A Runaway Bride In New Ad

Natalie Portman
Christian Dior

Marriage After Kids: The Junk Drawer Effect

Kristin Shaw
Kristin Shaw

This 'Star Wars' Wedding Is Equal Parts Geek And Chic

Star Wars Wedding
Cacá Santoro Photography

10 Corners You Should Never Cut When Planning A Wedding

Wedding Planning
Michael Fernahl via Getty Images

The 10 Most Memorable Onscreen Weddings

Wedding Singer

Then-And-Now Photos of 19 Couples Will Make You Believe in Lasting Love

Thenandnow Photos
Hammond family

15 Nerdy Valentine's Day Cards For Adorkable Couples

Yoda One For Me

17 LOL-Worthy Bouquet Toss Photos For Your Amusement

Funny Bouquet Toss
Appear Photography

The Virtues Of A Lazy Marriage

Happy Couple At Home
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

3 Things You Need To Put On Your Save-The-Dates (And One You Don't)

Wedding Save The Date
r_wacharawan via Getty Images

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings Of The Week
Matt McGraw Photography

The 5 Rules Of Great Sex

Seb Oliver via Getty Images

11 Examples Of What Not To Wear To A Wedding

Dont Wear To Wedding
Courtesy of The Knot

How To Find A Wedding Gown That Goes With Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign
Slanapotam via Getty Images

18 Little White Lies Married Couples Tell Each Other

Couple Shh
George Marks via Getty Images

4 Steps To More Exciting Married Sex

Vincent Besnault via Getty Images

We Promise This Wedding Photo Isn't As Inappropriate As It Looks

Optical Illusion Wedding
Chelsey LeBlanc Photography

5 Ways To Improve Your Odds Of Living Happily Ever After

Happy Couple Marriage
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Widower Cries Tears Of Joy After Hearing Late Wife's Voice Again

Widower Voicemail
BBC Radio/YouTube

The One Big, Not-So-Secret Secret Of A Happy Relationship

Marylou Stephens
Mary-Lou Stephens

12 Pieces Of Clichéd Marriage Advice That Actually Hold True

Couple Laughing Bed
OMG via Getty Images

'My Husband and I Disagree About Politics And It Enrages Me'

Politics Disagreement Couple
maxicam via Getty Images

Howard Stern Has Never Farted In Front Of His Wife

Beth Stern
Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

12 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Wedding Photos From Around The World

Destination Wedding Photos
Applehead Studio

15 Wedding Dresses Ordered Online That Look Nothing Like The Real Thing


Why I Don't Want to Be My Husband's Wife

Retro Housewife
George Marks via Getty Images

15 Snowy Wedding Photos In Honor Of Snowpocalypse

Snowy Wedding
Sorensen Foto

How To Ruin A Wedding In 5 Words

Ruin A Wedding

Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough Crashed A Wedding (And That Makes Him Larger Than Life)

Backstreet Boy Wedding Crasher
Florida Today

6 Reasons To Forego A Bridal Party (Yes, We Mean It)

Bridesmaids Annoyed
Bob Thomas via Getty Images

'Ace Of Cakes' Star's #1 Question To Ask When Shopping For A Wedding Cake

Duff Goldman Cake
Ben Hider via Getty Images

17 Honest Valentine's Day Cards For Couples With An Unusual Take On Romance

Valentines Day Cards

These Wedding Details Will Appeal To Coffee-Loving Brides And Grooms

Coffee Wedding
Purrington Photography

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings Of The Week
Tracey Buyce Photography

10 Hidden Wedding Costs You Should Budget For

Wedding Cost
ikholwadia via Getty Images

What Happened When My Husband And I Tried A '50 Shades Of Grey' Sex Scene

Couple Sex Bed
MilosStankovic via Getty Images

17 Weird But Endearing Things Couples Do To Annoy Each Other

Couple Prank
Dimitri Otis via Getty Images

5 Easy Ways To Bring Intimacy Back Into Your Marriage

Couple Lingerie
Tom Merton via Getty Images

5 Myths Of Happy Marriages

Couple Dishes Kitchen
SuperStock via Getty Images

Why Marrying Young Was Not A Mistake

Lynnette Sheppard
Courtesy of Lynnette Sheppard

8 Wedding Trends That Need To Be Retired

Wedding Buffet
RK Studio/Dean Sanderson via Getty Images

20 Awesome Photo Ideas For Wedding Parties Who Know How To Have Fun

Wedding Party Fun
Bre Thurston Photography

Keith Urban: Struggling With Addiction Strengthened My Marriage

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman
Wade Payne /Invision/AP

6 Things Men Secretly Love About The Women In Their Lives

Man Woman Cuddle
Dean Mitchell via Getty Images

The Married Couple's 36 Questions For Staying In Love

Couple Kitchen
George Marks via Getty Images

Woman Gets Pulled Over By Cops For Most Romantic Reason Yet

Traffic Stop Proposal

25 Award-Winning Wedding Photos You Must See

Award Wedding Wedding Pics
Nathan Welton

The Top 10 Places To Propose In The Northeast U.S.

Propose In Northeast Us
Courtesy of Malerie Yolen-Cohen

Michael Franti's Proposal Video Reminds Us That Love Happens In The Little Moments

Michael Franti Engagement Video
Michael Franti/YouTube

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings
Heather Kincaid Photography

We Dare You Not To Smile While Scrolling Through These Proposal Pics

Proposal Photos
Cami Jane Photography

The Happiness Captured In These Proposal Pics Is Simply Contagious

7 Things Your Partner Is Secretly Doing Before Proposing

Man Ring Shopping
Kurt Hutton via Getty Images

The Top 10 Wedding Planning Myths

Wedding Myths
The Knot

6 Ways To Make Time For Sex Even When It Seems Impossible

Tom Merton via Getty Images

12 Lessons Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage

Rachelle Crowe
Rachelle Crowe Photography

The Best Wedding Cakes Of 2014

Best Cakes
City View Bakehouse, Rachel Peters Photography

This Treehouse Wedding Is What Childhood Dreams Are Made Of

Treehouse Wedding Photos
Roland Hale Photography

Wedding Magazine Shatters Gender Norms With Striking Photoshoot

Love Inc Cover Dylan
Ryan Carville

What I Learned About My Marriage On The Dance Floor

Couple Dance
photo by terence wu via Getty Images

9 Things Successful Couples Do Differently

Couple Hugging
Marit Karp Photography via Getty Images

9 Photos Of Disney Princesses Transformed Into Indian Brides

Snow White
Amrit Photography

10 Of The Hottest New Wedding Trends For 2015

The Knot

15 Things You Should Never, Ever Say To A Bride

Dont Say This To Bride
Jayd Gardina Photography

Newlyweds Totally Lose It When Maroon 5 Crashes Their Weddings

Maroon 5 Sugar

8 Famous Women Who Popped The Question

Judge Judy
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images/HuffPost

There's No Such Thing As Saying 'I Love You' Too Much

Wedding Ring
Madina Lawlis

100 Small Ways To Show Your Spouse Some Love

Couple Bath
Abel Mitja Varela via Getty Images

This Is What The Wedding Night Is Actually Like, According To Married People

Bride Groom In Bed
alexeyrumyantsev via Getty Images

Grooms Get Emotional Seeing Their Brides And We All Collectively Swoon


3 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need In A Mate

Couple In Love
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

5 Wedding Veil Alternatives For Brides Who Think Outside The Box

Wedding Veil Alternative
Magnolia Street Photography

Former Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Just Became Husband And Wife

Flower Girl Ring Bearer Wedding

10 Wedding Dresses Inspired By Your Favorite Golden Globes Looks

Golden Globes Wedding Dresses
George Pimentel/WireImage

The Secret To Amazing Wedding Photos

Brides Laughing
Bre Thurston

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Real Weddings
Illuminarts Photography

2 Legitimate Reasons To Back Out Of Your Bridesmaid Duties

Bridesmaid Bouquet
Topical Press Agency via Getty Images

The 10 Most Popular Places To Say 'I Do'

Hawaii Wedding
Courtesy of Halekulani

Tiffany Ad Features Gay Couple, Rings In New Year In A Big Way

Tiffany & Co.

How To Pop The Question...To Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid Ask
Rifle Paper Co. via BHLDN

This Gorgeous Proposal Photo Almost Didn't Happen

Proposal Photo
Michael Justin Films

You'll Never Believe What These Wedding Dresses Are Made Of

Paper Mongolian Gowns
Asya Kozina

This Is What True, Lasting Love Looks Like

Linda S Haase
Linda S. Haase