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August 27, 2015
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Prankster's Robot Driver Freaks Out Drive-Thru Workers


Biologists Challenged Twitter To A #JunkOff. It Went Exactly As Planned

Athena Image
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Here's How Much President Nixon Dicked Up The Name "Richard"

Presidential History Names Baby Names
HuffPost Partner Studio

Air Guitar Champions Jam It Out In Finland

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POLL: 38% Of Dog Owners Love Their Pet More Than Their Partner

Florida Man Tries To Escape Tow Truck, Fails Spectacularly

Suv Vs Tow Truck
Brady Miller

The Internet Now Sees A 'Stars Wars' Ship On Mars

Athena Image

Someone Called The Cops On Jerry Seinfield Over A Lemonade Stand


Newest Tasteless Halloween Costume: 'Cecil The Lion Killer Dentist'

Lion Killer Dentist Costume

Utah Man Finds Live Maggots In Subway Sandwich

Maggots In Subway Sandwich

These Creepy Kangaroos Look Like They Want To Eat Your Soul

Kangaroo Mob
Ben Vezina

New Cat Named Stationmaster At Japanese Railway Station

Wakayama Electric Railway

Justin Bieber Look-Alike Toby Sheldon Found Dead In Motel Room

Tobias Strebel

Man Dies Of Injuries From 1965 Car Crash: Coroner

Athena Image
Steve Allen via Getty Images

Saucy Scenes From La Tomatina, Spain's Annual Tomato Fight

Athena Image
BIEL ALINO via Getty Images

Meet The 'Porn-Sniffing' Dog Who Busted Jared Fogle For Child Porn

Athena Image
Credit: Associated Press

AIR WHALE! Incredible Humpback Breach Caught On Video

Humpback Whale
Sandy Seliga

Fake Doctors Mutilate Man's Penis With Botched Enlargement, Cops Say

Penis Surgery
Miami-Dade Corrections

Family Breaks Open Teenager's Tomb, Saying They Heard Her 'Screaming'

Primer Impact

Watch This Female Angler Fight A Huge Bull Shark

Darcie Arahill
Caters News

Dubious Orange UFO Visits -- And Revisits -- Ohio House

Punky Doodle Punky Doodle Ufos
Punky Doodle / YouTube

McDonald's Server's "Porcelain Doll" Look Has Diners Lovin' It

Raindog China Taiwan Mcdonalds Worker

Florida Man Breaks Into School So He Can Call Grandma

Athena Image
St. Lucie County Jail

Tourists Beached After 500,000 Gallons Of Sewage Flood Waikiki

Athena Image
Credit: Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Woman Sees Donald Trump In Her Vegan Butter

Athena Image
Jan Castellano/Getty Images

Mom Hires Hitman Because Her Grandkids Got Lice, Police Say

Pamela Vanorsdale
Volusia County Jail


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Creepy Cloaked Figure Is Seriously Freaking People Out

Cloaked Figure
Gastonia Gazette

The Internet Was Asked To Photoshop This Couple's Photo. Silliness Ensued.

Athena Image

'Hammered' Athlete Denies Trading Gold Medal For Cab Fare

Athena Image
Alexander Hassenstein via Getty Images

Justin Bieber Look-Alike Reported Missing In West Hollywood

Tobias Strebel

Yes, This Japanese Toilet Slide Is Educational

Japanese Poop Slide Poop Slide

Woman Finds Intruder Taking Shower, Doing Laundry

Athena Image
BananaStock via Getty Images

THE RISE OF MAN: Virgin Gets Bionic Penis After Childhood Tragedy

Bionic Penis
The Sun

Burglary Suspect Calls 911 To Report Fire Hazard At Crime Scene

Athena Image
Hopkins County Jail

The Joys Of Blowhole Sex

Athena Image

Porn Star Kayla Kupcakes Flashes Judge In Florida Courtroom

Athena Image
NBC Miami

Giant Red Ball Rolls Down Toledo Streets

Giant Red Ball Toledo Giant Red Ball Redball Proje

Jailbreak Foiled When Staffers See Sheets Hanging From Cell

Spokane County

Couple Eats Bite Of Unrefrigerated Wedding Cake Each Year For 60 Years

60yearold Wedding Cake
YouTube/Florida Today

NEWS TEAM, ASSEMBLE! Mei Xiang The Panda Gave Birth!

Athena Image

Bearded Man Eats 'Record' 17 Big Macs In An Hour

Big Macs
Beard Meats Food

Florida Woman Said She Was Kidnapped To Get Out Of Work: Cops

Athena Image
STasker via Getty Images

Florida Gun Range To Serve Booze, Because What Could Go Wrong?

Athena Image
Image Source via Getty Images

Japanese Restaurant Selling Poo-Flavored Curry

Athena Image
Curry Shop Shimizu