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August 23, 2014

Woman Uses Fake Babies To Sneak Into Maternity Ward: Cops

Fake Babies Merced
Merced Mercy Medical Center

WATCH: The Twisted Life Of A Sideshow King

Ward Hall And Snake
Tim O'Brien

Don't Try Breathing Fire Until You Watch This Video

Fire Breathing
Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

WATCH: Beluga Whale 'Plays Peekaboo' With Kids

AOL/Huffington Post Video

WATCH: Dolphin Knocks Stand-Up Paddleboarder Off His Board

Dolphin Surfing
CORDIER Sylvain via Getty Images

Woman Starts Fire To Help Bored Firefighters

Sadie Renee Johnson
Columbia Co. Jail/Glenn Miller/Oregon Interagency

Stolen Barack Obama Statue Returned To Owner

Barack Obama Statue

6 Reasons To Have Sex With A Robot

Robot Sex
Petrovich9 via Getty Images

These Insane Ping Pong Trick Shots Will Get You In The Groove

Pong Trick Shot
YouTube / BBsDoingNothing

27 Stock Photos Of Horses That Will Restore Your Faith In Horses

Faith In Horses
Getty Images

Un-bee-lievable: 50,000 Bees Living In NYC Ceiling

Bees Bees Bees

Flying Microwave Narrowly Misses Bunch Of Idiots


This Is What Happens When You Sit ON Random Strangers

Sit On Strangers

Pageant Queen Stripped Of Crown For 'Lingerie' Pics

Beauty Queen
Twitter: JPCHE_pc

Just Wait 'Til You See What This Artist Does With Her Mouth

Facebook: Laura Jenkinson

Woman Allegedly Beats Man Who Farted In Her Face

Myrtle Beach PD

Pizza Man Delivers Murder Hoax To Save His Job: Police

Mason Requa

Oh Great, Another 'Human Barbie'


This Is the Most Insane Motorcycle Crash Ever


Florida Meth-Cooking Mom Busted By 7-Year-Old: Cops

Volusia County

Man Gets Stuck In High Chair, Acts Like Big Baby Trying To Get Out


Which Country Is Best At Sex?

Eyecandy Images via Getty Images

Robber Caught After Showering, Shaving In Elderly Victim's Home: Cops

Junos via Getty Images

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This (Really, Really) Little Cutie May Be The Smallest Dog In Britain

Tyson Dog

Man Calls 911 When Stripper Won't Have Sex With Him: Cops

Butte-Silver Bow

Mugshots Of College Football Fans

Crimson Tide Fan

The Latest In Bizarre Fitness Equipment

Dude Named Stoner Arrested On Pot Charges

Police Handout

Florida Man Tried To Fight Fire Hydrant Before Arrest: Cops

Fire Hydrant
FulopZsolt via Getty Images

Police Have Beef With Shoplifting Suspect

Magone via Getty Images

Woman Feeds Tapeworms To Daughter

Tapeworms For Weight Loss
Discovery Fit & Health

Man Steals Shopping Scooter To Meet With Parole Officer: Cops

Michael Johnson
Albuquerque Police Dept.

WATCH: Union Square Oracle Uses Talents To Help Homeless

Emily Kassie

Wanted Man Arrested After Rear-Ending Detective's Car


Urine Trouble At Albuquerque Zoo

Gallo Images via Getty Images

Man Falls Asleep In Chair, Wakes up To Bloody Stranger

4x6 via Getty Images