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September 5, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

TOPLESS WOMEN CONTROVERSY: A Message to Parents visiting Times Square


This 2-Headed Albino Snake Tries To Eat Itself

Athena Image
Venice Beach Freakshow

SC Teen Allegedly Steals Bondage Gear

Athena Image
Spartanburg Police Dept.

Alaska Wife Steals Patrol Car Holding Hubby, Police Say

Athena Image
Alaska State Police

Home Burglar Steals Frozen Meat, Chain Saw

Athena Image
svetlana foote via Getty Images

New Hampshire Town Celebrates 1965 UFO Sighting

Athena Image
Bill Smith via AP

Think You Know Weird News? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

Athena Image
Todor Tsvetkov via Getty Images

Your Cat Doesn't Care That Much About You: Study

Athena Image
GK Hart/Vikki Hart via Getty Images

Hikers Get Swept Off Waterfall In Flash Flood, Drone Captures Whole Thing

Flash Flood
Renee Lusano/Vimeo

Texas Coed With Suspended License Drives Barbie Jeep Instead

Tara Monroe Barbie Jeep
My San Antonio News

Little Piggies Make The Most Adorable Chewing Sounds

Best Friends Animal Society

Officer Shot Own Cruiser In Fabricated Story About Attack

Mills Officer Shooting Mills Police Shooting Mills

King Cobra On The Loose In Orlando, Florida

Athena Image

Shorn Wool From Overgrown Sheep Equivalent To 30 Sweaters


Man Who Tried To Sell Dirty Socks As Pot Learns Fate

Athena Image
EOPITZ via Getty Images

BIG TROUBLE: Man Accused Of Sasquatch Vandalism

Athena Image

People Pick Awful Tattoos By Chance And Still Go Through With It In 'Tattoo Roulette'


One-Wheeled 'Hoverboard' Rolling Onto Market

South West News Service

'Cat Street View' Offers A Cat's-Eye View Of The World

Cat Street View
Hiroshima Prefecture

Weirder People Find Love Quicker: Study

Athena Image
Fuse via Getty Images

Write An Essay And Win A Historic Vermont Inn

Vermont Inn
Facebook/Deerfield Valley Inn

Horrible Idea Of The Week: Dolphin-Assisted Birth

Athena Image
Credit: Michael Nolan via Getty Images

Florida Woman Allegedly Offers Oral Sex To Drop DUI, Drug Charges

Arielle Engert
Pinellas County Jail / Facebook

Boxing Painter Is A Hit In The Art World


This Marmot Has A Really Irritating Scream


Man Accidentally Sends Nude Photos To HR Director, Loses Job Offer

Athena Image
RynioProductions via Getty Images

Man Huffs Keyboard Spray After Crash As Cop Watches

Athena Image
Topsham Police Dept.
sponsored feature

Here's What Baby-Name Data Says About Our Current (And Next) President

Trump Baby Presidential Election
Getty Images

Pro Clown Reveals 5 Creepy Truths About Job

Athena Image
Warwick Kent via Getty Images

Bank Teller's Bad Spanish Skills Thwart Attempted Robbery

Failed Robbery
San Antonio Crime Stoppers


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This Grizzly Bear Thinks Your GoPro Sucks

Grizzly Bear Gopro
Brad Josephs

How To Perfectly Skin A Watermelon


Teen Girl Fakes Triplet Pregnancy For 10 Months

Athena Image

Couple Takes NSFW Wedding Pics In The Midst Of A Naked Bike Ride

Wedding Pic
JPG Photography

In This City, Most Guys Have At Least 2 Girlfriends

Outdoor Day Small Group Of People Adults Young Adu
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Bill Cosby 'Rapeseed' Portrait Removed From County Fair

Athena Image
Courtesy of Nick Rindo

When Dog Owners Do Impressions Of Their Pets, Everyone Wins

Athena Image
Ines Opifanta/Caters News

These 'Twin Strangers' Look Identical, But They're Not Related

Athena Image
Credit: Twin Strangers

ULTRA DUSTED: Woman Huffing Canned Air Arrested

Athena Image
Johnson County Jail

Even UFOs Are Following Trump (Despite Being Undocumented Aliens)

Trump And Aliens
Getty/Lee Speigel

Cold Play: Nela Zisser Eats 5 Pounds Of Frozen Yogurt


Intruders Enjoyed Fast Food, Selfies On Boat While Family Slept: Cops

Athena Image
Arctic-Images via Getty Images

Is There Anything Cuter Than A Seal Getting A Belly Rub?

Athena Image
YouTube/Gary Grayson

You'd Have To Smoke How Much Pot To Overdose?

Athena Image
Ozgur Coskun via Getty Images

The Trump Stamp Is The Best Worst Tattoo

Athena Image

Gravy Wrestling Champs Meet In Meaty Liquids

Gravy Wrestling
South West News Service

Police Called For Knife-Wielding Unicorn In B.C. Graveyard

Toddler Plays 'Peek-A-Boo' With Gorilla; Internet Goes Ape