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November 1, 2014

George, Dorothy and Noel -- the Weird, Wonderful and Merciless Wits of the 1920's Return to Manhattan ... and Not a Second too Soon.

How did an 8-year-old California lad with a lateral lisp develop enough of a lilting tongue to sing Coward's sophisticated lyrics?

Twins Have Different Hair Colors But Identical Surgical Modifications

Koponen Twins
Barcroft TV

Skulls And 'Books On Satan And Witchcraft' Found In Connecticut Dump

Stamford Skulls
Stamford Police

Know The Bizarre Way A German Woman Robbed A Supermarket? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

Squeezing Breasts
Thinkstock via Getty Images

Texas Woman Arrested Over Unwanted Fellatio: Police

Megan Davis Hoelting
Williamson County Jail

Subway Robber Complained About 'Jared Diet'

Zachary Torrance
Hueytown Police Dept.

Man Suspended For Using Robot Voice With Customers

Robot Costume
Ian McDonnell via Getty Images

Guy Gets Haunted By Snapchat Ghost Because It's 2014


11 Of The Scariest Looking Creatures In The Animal Kingdom

Getty Images via Getty Images

WATCH: These Squirrels Carved A Face In A Pumpkin

Squirrel Carves Pumpkin
richardmangan / YouTube

Real-Life Pirates Of The Caribbean Attack Solo Rower

Victor Mooney

Dog Totally Narcs On Owner

AP/Prattville Police Department

LOOK: Your Favorite Characters Frozen In (Chocolate) Carbonite

Henry Hargreaves

NOPE, NOPE, NOPE: Eel-Like Fish Removed From Man's Bowels

Eel Removed From Bowels

WATCH: Woman Loses It When She Doesn't Wake Up As Nicki Minaj

YouTube: Jayci Stephen

The Best Halloween Costumes Of 2014 -- So Far

The Rock

Jerks Like This Make Us Wonder If We Even Deserve Halloween Anymore


15 Of The Most Awkward Things To Ever Happen On A Date

Bad Date
Farhad J Parsa via Getty Images

What Celebrity Body Parts Have Been Exhumed? This Week's Weird Podcast Will Tell You

Andres Jauregui / Huffington POst

Fish Attacks Cats, Turns Our World Upside Down


'Corpse Bride' Leads To Arrest Of 11 People

Empty Gravesite
Leonora Saunders via Getty Images

Man Bit Off Part Of Groundskeeper's Ear: Police

John Pawlowski
Evans Police Dept.

10 Of The World's Most Bizarre Towns


Are You Brave Enough For 'The House Of Real LIfe Horrors'?


Jessica Rabbit: The Sexiest Halloween Costume Imaginable?

Jessica Rabbit Costume

150 Cats Rescued From Walls Of Home


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Was Roswell UFO Crash A Secret Nazi Aircraft?

Naziufo Bell
Discovery Channel / YouTube

WATCH: Tiny Dog Freezes Every Time It's Picked Up

Dog Freezes When Picked Up
Jennie Kay Blair Ferguson / Facebook

These Radish Animal Sculptures Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

Daikon Radish Panda

This Creepy House Is Slowly Melting To The Ground In The Middle Of London

Melting House
Alex Chinneck

Groom Drops Bride In Failed Attempt To Sweep Her Off Her Feet

Groom Drops Bride
YouTube / Pam McKendrick

These Salads Have 1,000 Calories Or More

6 Horror Games That Will Make You Vomit If You Don't Pee Yourself First

Scary Video Games
The Evil Within

Break-In Suspect Dresses As Teletubby, Allegedly Steals Chinese Food In Man Purse

Teletubby Steals Food
Art: HuffPost

DNA From Toilet Helps Catch Burglar

Ramon Herrera
Bernalillo County Detention

WATCH: Dog Brings Owner A Beer: Your Move, Cats

Beer Dog
YouTube: Josh Ace

Hero Beer Delivery Man Thwarts 14-Year-Old Would-Be Robber

Hero Beer Guy

The Internet Isn't Very Happy With 'Terminator: Genisys'

Terminator Genisys

You'll Never Guess What Kim Jong Un Is Doing Now

Kim Jong Un

Allegedly Chasing A Bird Leads To Paraglider's Arrest

Dell Schanze

These Adorable Puppies Are Shaking It For All The Right Reasons

Carli Davidson

These Are The Most Googled Halloween Costumes In Each State

Trending Halloween Costumes

THIS Is How You Make A Pumpkin Keg

Pumpkin Keg
Youtube/Celebrations Party Ideas

Tortoise Swallows Turtle-Shaped Pendant (X-RAY)

AP Photo/Dr. Don Harris

Cat Wants Toy More Than Life Itself

Cat Retrieves Toy
YouTube / Rumble Viral