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February 13, 2016
Weird News Podcasts

American Sideshow: Ten Years After Writing About the Previous 150.

As a child, I repeatedly read about Wadlow's enormity in the first several pages of the annual Guinness World Records books. There were only a few images, but they were powerful, and they planted the seed for my lifelong curiosity into human anomalies.

Impromptu Tortoise Sex Is The Real Star Of New York Fashion Week

Tortoise Sex

Hey, Even A Yeti Needs To Pee Sometimes

Yeti Yeti At Spanish Ski Resort Yeti Seen At Formigal Ski Resort Weird Spain Yeti In Pyrenees Mountains Yeti Urinating
ForoCoches / Kangaroo

This Is Quite Possibly The Most NSFW Gift Guide We've Ever Done

Sex Toys

You'll Never Feel As Good As This Pomeranian Getting A Haircut

Pomeranian Haircut

WATCH: These Sheep Look More Like A Flock Of Birds

Youtubecaters Clips
YouTube/Caters Clips

Want Viagra? Get A Note From Wife: KY Legislator

Mary Lou Marzian
Kentucky State Legislature

Mystery Of Bizarre Sea Creature Solved

Smooth Skate Sea Monster Weird New Zealand Animals In The News Cryptozoology Maria Lombard
Facebook/Maria Lombard via Geobats

This Prankster Keeps Throwing Eggs To His Unsuspecting Mom

Youtubelogen Kosar
YouTube/Logen Kosar

This New Site Will Instantly Tell You What Dog You Are

What Dog

Lobster Boy And Bearded Lady Fall In Love: 'We Were Meant For Each Other'

Lobster Boy Bearded Lady Venice Beach Freakshow
Todd Ray/ Venice Beach Freakshow

Garden Gnome Porn And Other Bizarre Genres Of Erotica

Garden Gnome Porn
David Moye

Pomeranian's Valentine Is A Fluffball Of Fabulousness


Cannon Ball! Monkeys Throw Pool Party, Overtaking Family's Backyard

Monkeys Swimming Monkeys Vervet Monkeys

Fox Adorably Fails At Trying To Attack Bed

Juniper The Fox
Juniper Fox

Jerry Springer Reminisces About Guest Who Cut Off His Own Penis

HuffPost Live

Doritos Roses Are The Only Valentine's Day Gift Worth Giving

Doritos Roses

Year Of The Monkey Poster Is This Year's Nastiest Design Fail (NSFW)

detail/Lehu Zhang

Face It, You’d Want To Play This Penis-Punching Video Game (NSFW)

Penis Puncher

11 Hilarious Expressions For 'Having Sex' From All Over The World

Athena Image
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

8 Crazy Things That Happen To Your Body When You Have Tons Of Sex

Athena Image
Christoph Rosenberger via Getty Images

College Student Wants People To Eat Chik-Fil-A And Ketchup Off Her Body

Weird Art

Man Blames 10th Drunk Driving Charge On Beer-Battered Fish

John Przybyla John Przybyla Beerbattered Fish Dumb Crime Mug Shots Weird Wisconsin
Adams County Sheriff's Department

This Clown Accused Of DUI 'Just Had A Few Drinks'

Joel Allen Sloan Creepy Clowns Too Much To Drink Drunk Driving Clown
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Man Accused Of Tossing Gator Into Wendy's Drive-Thru Window

Animals In The News Dumb Crime Joshua James Alligator Weird Florida Dumb Crime
Florida Fish and Wildlife Dept.


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