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April 19, 2014

Woman Finds Dead Body During Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg
Getty Images

WATCH: We Met The Easter Bunny, And He's A Creep

Hilary Hanson/The Huffington Post

7-Year-Old Twin Brothers Fight Off Alleged Carjacker


Snake Loses Lunch In The Worst Possible Way

Snake Centipede
Ecologica Montenegrina

Teen Accused Of Peeing In Reservoir 'Didn't Piss In The Fu--ing Water'

'I Accidentally Got Meth And It Made Me Crazy'

Kevin Hughes

Man Punches Jogger, Runs Down Women On Drive To School: Cops

Eric Noel Montez
Lee County Jail

On This Island, Deer Act Like Dogs

Deer Shaking Hands

Man Won't Have To Pay $525 For Illicit Drink Refill After All


WATCH: Firefighter Uses Hoses To Go On A Magic Carpet Ride


'Human Barbie' Posts A No-Makeup, Bikini Selfie

Human Barbie

Why Is The Manhattan Bridge In The News? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

Manhattan Bridge

See What It's Like To Be Six Years Old And Steering A Harley Davidson

Kid Drives Harley
YouTube / jacob hughes

Uh Oh! Kittens Accidentally Shipped From LA To San Diego

Mouse And Wifi

4 States Ban Oral Sex But Not Necrophilia

Necrophilic Skeleton

Family Sent To Hospital Following Cat Attack

No, Really: You Won't Believe This Drug Defendant's Name

Most Ridiculous Sex Acts Ever? (NSFW)

Man Fined $525 For Drink Refill At Veterans Hospital

30 Misspelled Traffic Signs

WATCH: 1 Man, 2 Minutes, 100 Peeps

10th-Grader Suspended For Having Squirt Gun

Daredevil Eyes Chicago Skyscrapers For Next Tightrope Stunt

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'Cell Block Psychic' TV Show Is 'Abhorrent' To Victims

Vicki Monroe
Discovery Channel

Why Every Member Of Congress Gets A Monthly Porn Delivery

Model Flag Bikini
quavondo via Getty Images

Rapper Severs Penis And Jumps From Balcony

Christ Bearer

Baby Born With 4 Feet, 4 Hands

Baby Deformed

This Is Why You Don't Take A Selfie Near A Train Track

Train Selfie

German Shepherd Called For Jury Duty

German Shepherd
Life On White via Getty Images

'Large Quantity Of Fecal Matter' Found In Hotel Lobby

Charleston Police

Why Settle For A Small Hot Dog?

What It's Like To Direct Your First Adult Film (When You're Also Starring In It)

Maddie Oreilly Porn

High School Closed Due To 'Onslaught Of Snakes'

Snake Pile
Roberta Olenick via Getty Images

Man Gets PRISON TIME For Urinating On Alamo

Luiz Felipe Castro via Getty Images

Swedish Ice Cream Treat Arouses Controversy

GB Glace

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