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March 6, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

Plants Don't Have Mouths, But They Can Sing

I can't believe it, yet I can't not. I hear it with my own ears. I decide to smile at the mystery. I stretch back underneath the shady branches and listen.

Man Bought Car Insurance Right After Crash: AG

Car Insurance
Yellow Dog Productions via Getty Images

Animal Uprising: Octopus Edition

Octopus Escape Seattle

Sexy Male Escort Service Built On Bed Of Lies

HuffPost Illustration / Getty Images

Deer Have Been Eating Birds For Years... They Will Eat Us Next


Ringling Bros. Circus To Phase Out Elephant Acts

Ringling Bros Elephant

Teacher Jailed For Showing Class Graphic Movie

Sheila Kearns
ABC's Of Death

These Stunning Photos Reveal The Surprising Source Of America's Lettuce

Lettuce Field
Joe Satran/The Huffington Post

Man Can't Sue Applebee's For Getting Burned While Praying Over Fajitas

Steak Fajitas
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

Accused Flasher Tells Cops: 'That's What The Ladies Like'

Hal Hamrick
Port St. Lucie Police Dept.

Etti-Cat, The O.G. Of Cat Memes, Is Here To Teach You Some Manners

Here's What 5,000 Australians Throwing 300,000 Tomatoes Looks Like

Australia Tomato Fight
Newspix via Getty Images

'Cute Mugshot Girl' Arrested AGAIN

Raleigh Police

Japanese Man Invents Creepy Talking Girlfriend Pillow

Koichi Uchimura

Neighbor Blows Snow In Face Of Man Trying To Clear Woman's Sidewalk: Cops

Eastlake Police Department

Earn $97,000 A Year As Seattle 'Bathroom Czar'

Public Bathroom
Andy Sacks via Getty Images

Emu On The Loose In North Carolina

Emu On The Loose

Is The Moon Hollow? And What Creatures Are Living Inside?


Fugitive Arrested After Commenting On Sheriff's Facebook Page

Andrew Marcum
Butler County Sheriff

Lion Opens Car Door At Safari Park; Family Loses It


Here's Why You Should Leave The City During A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Outbreak

Man Arrested With Sword In Cane Trying To Visit Jailed Son

Jose Gonzalez
Bexar County Detention Center

JetBlue Passenger Found Hiding In Cockpit

Jetblue Airlines

Canadians Are 'Spocking' Their Fivers And It's Totally Legal

Spock 5 Bill Canada

Ancient Lost City Discovered In Honduras Rainforest

Lost City
Dave Yoder/National Geographic

Brace Yourself. Free Cone Day At Dairy Queen Is March 16

Dairy Queen

Man Shoots Sister With BB Gun Over Phallic Birthday Cake: Cops

Christopher Taft
Volusia County Jail


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Mt. Everest Is Covered In Human Poop, And That's a Problem: Offical


Angry Englishman Stuck In Traffic Is All The Rage (NSFW)

Arthur Wallace Vines

Woman Pleads Guilty To Digging Up Dad's Grave To Find 'Real Will'

Melanie Nash
Colebrook Police Dept

Man Bit Off Fingertip While Watching UFC Fight: Cops

Manuel Aragon
Albuquerque Police Dept.

The 20 Most Popular Beers In America

Popular Beers
MIXA via Getty Images

LISTEN: Foul-Mouthed Kid Just Wants His $^%& Cartoons Back

Temper Tantrum Boy
Fuse via Getty Images

Man Finds Vomit-Covered Stranger Passed Out In Dining Room

Matthew Needles
Arlington County Police

Now We Know Why Louisville, Kentucky Has Smelled Like Mildew For A Week

Louisville Kentucky
Richard Cummins via Getty Images

On Cat Island, Cats Outnumber Humans 6 To 1

Cat Island

Accused Public Masturbator Tells Cops He Has 'A Problem'

Jeremy Percival Bryant
Myrtle Beach Police

The 'Hot Convict' Is Going To Be A Model After Prison

Jeremy Meeks

Man Gets Tattoo Of #TheDress On His Leg

The Dress

DEA: If Utah Passes Medical Weed, Rabbits Will Get Stoned

Louisville, Kentucky Smells Like Mildew And No One Knows Why

Louisville Kentucky
Todd Taulman via Getty Images

Cops Find Weed In Sour Cream Container Marked 'Not Weed'

Shutterstock / Eldad Carin

Man Arrested After Failed Attempt To Steal Airplane: Police

Marion County Jail

Man Arrested On 9th DWI Charge Wears Unsurprising T-Shirt

Bell County