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January 26, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

Cops: Drunken Driver Hit Squad Car While Officers Were Dealing With Other Drunken Driver

Police Car
UpperCut Images via Getty Images

Muppets-Biz Markie Mashup Is Just What You Need


Report: Legal Weed Is The Fastest-Growing Industry In The U.S.

Smoking Marijuana

Man Transforms His Home Into A Playground For His Cats

Cat Playground

Texas Dog Who Disappeared 8 Months Ago Turns Up In Indiana


Woman Orders Food, Gets Bag Of Cash Instead

Bag Of Cash
Creatas via Getty Images

How Much Would YOU Pay For Abe Lincoln's Hair?

Abraham Lincoln
KarSol via Getty Images

What The Fark? Founder Of Running For Governor

Drew Curtis

This Magnificent Snow Penis Was Just Too Edgy For Society, Man (VIDEO)


Dwarf Stripper Finds Love With Army Sergeant

Kat And Eich

Arrest Warrant Out For Man Whose Head Is Covered In Patriots Tats

Victor Thompson Mug
St. Petersburg Police Dept.

McGROSS!:Woman Finds Something Wormy In Chicken McNuggget

Mcnugget Worm
BPM Media

German Serial Killer 'Butcher of Hannover' Has Head Cremated

Mark Evans via Getty Images

Possible Suicidal Jumper Turns Out To Just Be Mannequin

Cassandra Hubbart, AOL

So, Your Car's Engine Roar Might Be Totally Fake

Volkswagen Gti
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Underwater Photographer Gets Caught in a Sperm Whale 'Poopnado,' Brings Back Photos

Keri Wilk
Keri Wilk

Fake Doctors Plead Guilty In Butt-Injection Case

Fake Butt Doctors Plead Guilty
Hialeah Police

WATCH: Zombie Pranksters Terrify Italian Town

Zombie Prank

'Street Fighter' Is A Game, You Dingaling

'Oh My Goodness!' Says Little Girl To Humping Turtles (VIDEO)


Court Rules Man Can Pee All Over His Floor If That's What He Wants

Toilet Pee
Sami Sarkis via Getty Images

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Ball Boy Hit In The Groin By 121 MPH Serve


This Spider Bites Off Its Own Genitals After Sex

4 Children Flee From Car Driven By Allegedly Drunk Mom

Gainesville PD


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Fleshlight Model Tours Vagina Replication Factory (NSFW)


Will Foot Fetishists Foot The Bill For NSFW New Toy?

Sin Boutique
Sin Boutique

Meth-Drone Crashes Near US-Mexico Border

Meth Drone Crash
Tijuana Secretary of Public Security

Ohio Police Looking For 'Braveheart Bandit'

Braveheart Bandit
Columbus Police Dept.

Smoker Fined $15K For Throwing Butts Out Window

Cigarette Butt
Daniel Grill via Getty Images

Stock Photobomber Makes Any Stock Photo A Million Times Better

Stock Photobomb
The Stock Photobomber

Marshawn Lynch Inspires New Marijuana Strain

Marshawn Lynch
Jonathan Ferrey via Getty Images

Fleeing Suspect Drives Right Into Prison Parking Lot

Jason Davis

Mittens The Intersex Cat To Get Gender Assignment

Hermaphrodite Cat

French Comedians Totally Troll Fox News

Fox News Parody
Le Petit Journal

Guy Live Blogs His Wife's Affair And It's Better Than A Soap Opera

Cheating Couple
Julia Wheeler and Veronika Laws via Getty Images

Owl Swoops Down And Womps Unsuspecting Jogger In Head


E. TREE: Hotel Owner Finds E.T. In Stump

E Tree
Uig Hotel

Human Ken Doll Risks Blindness To Become '100 Percent Plastic'

Justin Jedica

Woman Vows To Give Up Yoga Pants To 'Honor God And Husband'

Leggings Butt
m-imagephotography via Getty Images