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April 24, 2014

New App Helps Germans Find Prostitutes

Street Walker
microgen via Getty Images

Airplane Stowaway Had No Clue He Was in Maui

San Jose Airport

Man's Alleged Fake Kidnapping Backfires When Mom Won't Pay Ransom

Zachery Logsdon
Knox County Sheriffs Office

Deer Still Won't Cross Former Iron Curtain

Deer Iron Curtain

Are You Living In The Funniest City In America?

Funny Citiesss
The Frisky

Teen Arrested With Loaded Gun In Vagina: Cops

Dallas Archer
Kingsport Police Dept.

Woman Ate Mice And Other Critters For Week And Regrets Nothing

Candra Kolodziej

6 Shockingly Childish Abuses Of Power By Airport Employees

Airport Power Abuse

Watch This Terrifying BASE Jump From World's Tallest Building


If You Want Penis Pudding, You're In Luck (NSFW)

Breast Shapped Dishes

Pet Duck Attack Lands Owner $275,000 Lawsuit

Woman Allegedly Sold Heroin From Very Surprising Place

Gentleman's Club Doubles As Church

Stripper Bar
Larysa Dodz via Getty Images

Sideshow Artist's Trick Is Hard To Stomach

Morgue Freakshow

Train Kick Selfie Guy To Make A Ton Of Money From Idiotic Video

Kick Head

You Won't Believe How Close This Man Came To Being Killed By A Train

Czech Republic Train Man Close Call
YouTube/Zrcadlo zpravodajství

Florida Man Catches 800-Pound Shark, Grills It Up

Mako Shark
Richard Herrmann via Getty Images

'Black Ring' UFO Captured On British Girl's iPhone

SWNS TV / YouTube

Family's Car Bursts Into Flames Inside Lion Enclosure


WATCH: It's Raining Food On This Guy's Head.. In Slo Mo


Another Kid Gets Stuck In Claw Machine, Hands Out Free Toys


12 States Still Have Anti-Sodomy Laws

Supreme Court
Ryan McGinnis via Getty Images

Ariel Castro Victims Demand Joan Rivers Apology

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Man Threw Eggs At Girlfriend During Easter Party: Cops

Easter Eggs
Getty Images

Crazy Lessons Taught By Real Teachers

Bad Teacher
Glen Perotte via Getty Images

The 4 Strangest Things Nobody Tells You About Life In China

Strange China

Who Wants To Go Catfishing? (VIDEO)


Alleged Criminal Checks In At Police Station To See If Cops Are After Him

Hands In Handcuffs
Shutterstock / robertlamphoto

Alleged Dognapping Caught On Video


Britain's Youngest Parents Are 12 And 13 Years Old

Pregnant Belly
Hybrid Images via Getty Images

Tailgating Cabbie Dodges Bridge Toll 3,000 Times: Prosecutors

Nyc Taxi
Lotus Carroll via Getty Images

Missing Owl Found Safe And Sound

Shutterstock / Mircea BEZERGHEANU

Teen Who Asked Miss America To Prom Suspended

Nina Davuluri
Kris Connor via Getty Images

To The Person Who's Been Pooping On The Playground Slide...

Playground Pooper
Fox 2

Woman Finds Dead Body During Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg
Getty Images

Mailman Hides Mail In Dead Mom's House To 'Speed Up Route'