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December 28, 2014
Weird News Podcasts

Boomerang UFO Zigzags Over NH

UFO sightings don't always get media attention immediately after they occur. When they do, however, those stories are often packed with surprises, even for an...

WATCH: Teacher Erases Cat Drawing, Gets Girthy Surprise


Weed Of The Month Club For Serious Stoners

Craig F. Walker via Getty Images

A Goat Might Want That Christmas Tree When You're Done With It

UmbertoPantalone via Getty Images

Dustin Diamond Arrested For 'Reckless' Behavior

Dustin Diamond
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Guess Who Bought An Island!

Jack Daniels Names Son Jim Beam

Man In A Kayak Helps Nab Suspected Christmas Mail Thief

Michael Kevin Daly via Getty Images

Dogs In Holiday Outfits Will Be The Merriest Thing You See All Day

Dog Holiday Outfits
Marc Janks/Huffington Post

Chugging Eggnog Sends Utah Man To Hospital

Lew Robertson, Brand X Pictures via Getty Images

Zombie Nativity Must Be Removed, Town Declares

Zombie Nativity

Vandal Damages Satanic Temple Display In Florida Capitol

Florida Statehouse
VisionsbyAtlee via Getty Images

Human Throws Her Cat A Snazzy Birthday Bash, Feline Is Not Impressed

Kitty Birthday Party

LOOK: 12 Badass Superheroes In Liquid Costumes

Aurum Light Studio

Drinking (A Little) At Work Could Actually Make You Better At Your Job

Alcohol Creativity

Man Wakes Up From Coma Thinking He's Matthew McConaughey

Coma Split
SWNS / Getty Images

Man In Face Mask Accused Of Performing Oral Sex On Horse

Jered Kreft
Marathon County Sheriffs Department

Italian Circus Accused Of Passing Off Dogs As Pandas

Panda Dog

Christmas Gifts For Spoiled Rich Kids

Baby With Bag Of Money
Denis_Yarkovoy via Getty Images

Weird Sex Tips That Science Says Actually Work

Funny Sex
Stock Shop Photography LLC via Getty Images

Woman Joins Tinder Pretending To Be A Ghost

Grace Spelman
Twitter/Grace Spelman

This Is Why You Can't Have Sex In Public

Ghost Cow Films

Get Ready To Put The X In Xmas


Company Delivers On Promise To Sell 'Actual B***S***'



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What Elf On The Shelf Does When No One's Watching Him

Elf On The Shelf Breaking Bad

Principal Loses Job Over Misspelled School Sign

Twitter/Corey Teague

This Monkey Is A Hero

YouTube: Amazing Videos

The 12 Weird Days Of Christmas

Witold Skrypczak via Getty Images

Reborn Space Telescope Makes Major Discovery

Kepler K2
NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T Pyle

Sweden's Icehotel Makes Us Really Happy And Really Cold

Sweden Ice Hotel

Woman Eats Slice Of Turkey In Under A Second -- By Basically Inhaling It

Inhaling Meat
Tim Sessions / YouTube

The Traditions That Got College Students Through Finals This Semester

Primal Scream
Instagram: ecemsenyuva

Million Mummy Discovery Under Dispute

Brigham Young University

Man Smoked Joint In Police Station: Cops

Upper Darby Police

Cloud Of Controversy Over Pot-Smoking Santa

Pot Smoking Santa
NBC Los Angeles

Dog Shoots Man

Dog Gun

Furries Set The Record Straight: There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of

Adam Berry via Getty Images

Texas Theater To Show 'Team America' Instead Of 'The Interview'

Team America

Ivy League Frat Suspended For Using Beyonce Blow Up Doll In Photo

Phi Delta Theta

This Recipe Is Worth $1 Million, According To Pillsbury

Pillsbury Bake Off