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July 25, 2014

Chile releases official study on UFO photos

The government office investigating UFOs in Chile has released an analysis of two high quality photos showing what appear be genuine unidentified flying objects above a remote copper mine. T

Sex Toy Stuck In Woman's Vagina For 10 YEARS (PHOTO)

Sex Toy Xray
Journal of Sexual Medicine / Wiley

Hospital Amputates Penis Instead Of Circmcising: Lawsuit

Cutting Vegetables
Jonathan Gelber via Getty Images

This Pregnant Goat Will Forever Change What You Think Is Beautiful

Pregnant Goat

Naked Dudes Steal Meat, Take Their Wieners With Them

Naked Dude

Town Economy Hopes To Clean Up On 'Wipe Local' Toilet Paper Campaign

Toilet Paper

Florida Man Run Over by Own Truck During Road Rage

Joseph Carl
Gainesville PD

WATCH: Bartender Sets Customer's Face On Fire While Making Drink

Face On Fire

Forget A Bed Of Nails; This Guy Lies On A Bed Of ONE Nail

Harley Newman

Travelers Won't Stop Using Woman's Yard To 'Relieve Themselves'

Jean Zipper
Tom Grill via Getty Images

Police Cars Collide When Cop Runs A Red Light

Red Traffic Light
Stefan Ziese via Getty Images

Study 'Says' Sniffing Farts Is Good For You, But Something Doesn't Smell Right

id-work via Getty Images

Hero Gets Ticket After Stopping To Save Ducklings From Traffic

Ducklings Road
Takeshi.K via Getty Images

9-Year-Old South African Boy Weds Elderly Woman

Nine Year Old Groom
Barcroft / Landov

The New York Daily News And AP Just Got Trolled By A Parody Twitter Account

Brooklyn Bridge
Jonathan Herbert I JH Images via Getty Images

The Slow-Motion Milk-Vomiting Video You've Always Dreamed Of

Milk Vomit

WATCH: Here's A Bunch Of Lambs Jumping For Joy


There Might Be A 16-Foot Anaconda Hiding In This Lake

Shutterstock / Maksim Shmeljov

WATCH: This Couple Just Doesn't Give A...

Florida Couple Sex Beach
Fox Tampa Bay

Amazon Amanda Gets Paid To Squash Men

Amazon Amanda

It's A Sex Toy ... And A Camera

Gaga Sex Toy

Doughnut-Wielding Vandals Terrorize Neighborhood

Tom Mareschal via Getty Images

Behold The Sea Tank, Beach Assault Vehicle Of The Future


Woman Tries To Hide Stolen Vibrator In Child's Stroller: Cops

Spartanburg Police

Town Marshal Suspected Of Stealing Underwear

David Hathaway
City Of Millersburg

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Man Sets World Record With Most Homer Simpson Tattoos

Homer Simpson Tattoos
Guinness World Records

Man Suspected Of Stealing 200 Panties From Mall

Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Town Tells Veteran He Can't Have Therapy Ducks

AP Photo/Coshocton Tribune, Trevor Jones

This Home Was Expressly Built To Annoy Neighbors

Spite House
Library Of Congress via Wikimedia Commons

This Little Girl REALLY Wants Her Nose Back

Kalila Momple via YouTube


Woman Posts Selfies In Stolen Dress, Gets Arrested


Man Who Lost Hand To Flesh-Eating Bacteria Feels Lucky To Be Alive

Braden Leonard

If You Flex Too Hard, This Might Happen (VIDEO)

Dude Passes Out Flexing

Donut Thief Holds Aussie Teens At Knifepoint

Krispy Kreme
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

SAY CHEESE: Japan's Most Famous 'Schoolgirl' Is A Man


Everybody Be Cool

Dog Fight

You Can Own This Fossilized Dino Poop, But You Have To Read This First

Dino Dung
I.M. Chait

Just A Forklift Forklifting A Forklift Forklifting A Package

Forklift Forklifting Forklift

Cobras 'Protect' Sleeping Baby, And We're Completely Freaked Out

Cobra Baby

Florida Fisherman Catches Stingray Giving Birth, And It's Super Cool

Stingray Giving Birth
AOL Video

WATCH A Great Blue Heron Inhaling Its Prey

Blue Heron
Facebook / Jessie Garza