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March 31, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

Plants Don't Have Mouths, But They Can Sing

I can't believe it, yet I can't not. I hear it with my own ears. I decide to smile at the mystery. I stretch back underneath the shady branches and listen.

New Zealand Weed Shortage Is Dire

Ed Morris via Getty Images

Bull Statue Loses Genitals


3D Printer Can't Sculpt Easy Cheese: Singularity Averted

Easy Cheese Printer

SUGAR RUSH: Pizza Shop Burglar Steals 100 Candy Bars, Cookies

Candy Bars
CreativeBrainStorming via Getty Images

Man Had Plastic Surgery Prior To Robbery Spree: Cops

Plastic Surgery
Fotosearch via Getty Images

An Automatic Jell-O Shot Machine Is Coming To A Bar Near You

Jello Shot Machine

The Teletubbies Video Of Your Nightmares


Take John Oliver's April Fools' Day Pledge

John Oliver

What Do Sex And Sword Swallowing Have In Common?


COOKIE MONSTER: Thief Steals Cash Box From Girl Scouts

Cookie Theft
GSO Images via Getty Images

Woman Accused Of Faking Law Credentials For 10 Years

Shutterstock / zimmytws

Thrift Store Shopper Finds Loaded Gun Inside Used Golf Bag

Golf Bag
PhotoTalk via Getty Images

Dad Eats Daughter's Pot Brownies, Thinks He's Having A Stroke: Cops

Photo by Brian T. Evans

The Most Shocking Allegations In Scientology Doc 'Going Clear'

Going Clear

Herd Of Goats Gets Loose, Chases Children

Goat Herd
Heinrich van den Berg via Getty Images

Cops Take Miniature Horses Into Custody

AP Photo/Anchorage Police Department

What's Up With These Pink Chickens Running Around Portland?

Pink Chickens Oregon
AP/Multnomah County Animal Services, Randall Brown

These Volunteer Toad Crossing Guards Have The Best Roles Ever

Toad Detour

Ownership Of Penis-Shaped House Up For Grabs

Penis House
LJ Hooker Mona Vale

Bank Robbery Suspect Arrives Drunk In Taxi

Stanley Geddie
Leon County Jail

Girl, 4, Hops Bus In Search Of 3 A.M. Slushie

Annabelle Slushie

Wanted: Prostitute Tester

mocker_bat via Getty Images

Woman Accused Of Setting Fire To Yoga Studio Explains Smiling Mug Shot

Dallas Fire and Rescue


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'Jesus' Appears After a Rockslide (PHOTO INSIDE)

sedmak via Getty Images

WATCH: Huge Brazilian Sinkhole Swallows Bus, Carries It Downriver

Brazilian Bus Sinkhole
Reuters via AOLon

Human Eyeballs Successfuly Injected With Night Vision?

Glow In Dark Eyes
Olga Miltsova via Getty Images

Circumcision Protester Sells Foreskin Sculptures For $1,000 Each

Vincent Aiello

MISSING: 2 Camels, 2 Steers

Bactrian Camel
Gary Ombler via Getty Images

Florida's Weirdest Stories Of 2015 (So Far)

Florida Postcard
Curt Teich Postcard Archives via Getty Images

I Drank So Much Soda As A Child That My Veins Collapsed

Mountain Dew

Fast-Food Chains Are Taking Soda Off Their Kids Menus, And That's A Good First Step

WATCH: Massive Lights Turn Russian Night Into Day

Russia Today

Scientists Can Now Give Rats Erections By Flipping A Switch

Vitalii Hulai via Getty Images

'Most Interesting' Traffic Citation Ever?

Most Interesting Car Pool
Washington State Police

Suspect Left Credit Card Used To Jimmy Garage Door: Cops

Credit Card
Giuseppe Graziano via Getty Images

It's Not Illegal To Stand In Your Doorway Naked In North Carolina, But That May Change

Naked Neighbor

Car-Sized Salamander Was A Triassic Terror

Monster Salamander
University of Edinburgh

Wanted Man Arrested After Posting Hiding Spot On Snapchat

Christopher Wallace
Somerset County Sheriffs Office

Haunted Dolls Making A Killing As Collectibles

Paul Senyszyn via Getty Images

Man Arrested For Skipping Jury Duty 11 Times

Owen Fazebaker Iii

STINKING RICH! Human Feces Might Contain Millions In Gold

Shocked In Toilet
Ljupco via Getty Images