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July 13, 2014

Chile releases official study on UFO photos

The government office investigating UFOs in Chile has released an analysis of two high quality photos showing what appear be genuine unidentified flying objects above a remote copper mine. T

Seattle's Attorney Takes Pot To Work, Apologizes (And Smokes)

Pete Holmes

If Even One Person Believes Steven Spielberg Killed A Dino, It's Too Many

Spielberg Dinosaur

70-Year-Old Woman Fights Off Robber With 8-Packs

Lein Nguyen

SNAKES ALIVE! Python Mysteriously Appears Under Hood Of Pickup Truck

Python In Pickup

Can You Believe This Is Body Paint?

Body Paint
Gesine Marwedel

This Is The Bentley Of Face Tattoos

Face Tat
Broward County Sheriff

Belligerent Forest Pig Terrorizes Children

Mad Banana Photography by Michelle Delaney via Getty Images

Woman Arrested For Drugs After Doing Strip Yoga In Middle Of Road

Michele Rene Cernak
Ocala Police Dept.

Posed As Airline Worker To Get Free Travel: US

Aaron Foster via Getty Images

Know Why John Wayne's Family Is Mad? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

John Wayne
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Valet Smashes Lamborghini Gallardo

Car Crash

Cancer Patient Finds 'God' In Her Curls (PHOTO)

Kristin Kissee

Marijuana Scavenger Hunt In Oakland Scheduled For Saturday (UPDATE)

Marijuana Magnifying Glass
riskms via Getty Images

Generous 'Turtle Boy' Has Gone Through Shell And Back

Turtle Boy
Nat Geo

Meet The NEW 'Human Barbie'

Is This The Weirdest First Pitch Ever?

Chef Finds 'GOD' In An Eggplant

Woman Accidentally Sexts Dad, Shares Drama With Twitter

Comedian Smokes 'Crack' Publicly In San Francisco, Nothing Happens

Man Cleaning Up Dog Poop Mistaken For Burglar

WATCH: World's Fastest-Talking Woman Recites 'The Three Little Pigs' In 15 Seconds

Woman Suspected Of Hiding Crack Cocaine In Her Vagina

Suspected Backyard Masturbator Arrested

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This Guy Rocks At Surfing

Surfing Guitar
YouTube / Chris Hau

Roadside Sign Hacked To Flash Obscene Internet Meme (WARNING: Graphic Language)

Acme Barricades
WTFark/ABC Action News

PE Teacher Suspended For Twerking With Students

Courtney Spruill

Skulls Mysteriously Donated To Thrift Store

Skulls Goodwill

WARNING: What This Ventriloquist Does With Her Dummy Is Shocking (Seriously)

Veronica Chaos
Veronica Chaos

Women Who Eat Apples Daily May Have Better Sex

Sexy Woman Apple
4774344sean via Getty Images

Man Suspected Of Kicking Police Horse

Joseph Cruz Olin

LOOK: Man Finds Snake In Toilet On Bathroom Break From Hell


This Duck Of Justice Is The Coolest Duck Of Justice

Pot Documentary Filmmaker To Pass Out Free Weed At Screenings In Colorado

Naked Intruder Crashes Through Door, Recites Scripture: Cops

What Your Garbageman Knows About You Will Shock You

Mick Jagger 'Jinx' Blamed For Brazil's World Cup Defeat