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November 30, 2015
Weird News Podcasts

American Sideshow: Ten Years After Writing About the Previous 150.

As a child, I repeatedly read about Wadlow's enormity in the first several pages of the annual Guinness World Records books. There were only a few images, but they were powerful, and they planted the seed for my lifelong curiosity into human anomalies.

Weirdest Christmas Commercial Of 2015? Uh, Yeah

Weird Christmas

Bizarre 'Levitating Cars' Accident Mystery Solved

Levitating Cars
Live Leak

'Gangnam Style' Star Is Back With Bizarre New Video 'Daddy'

Psy Daddy

New German Police Gear Can't Protect Them From Ridicule

Christoph Azone

He Changed His Facebook Profile Picture And Became A Web Star

Athena Image
Gabriela Tulian via Getty Images

Reese's 'Tree' Peanut Butter Cups Are A Massive, Massive Failure

Athena Image
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Watch This Coke Can's Uncanny Impression Of Chewbacca

Johannes Hansen
CREDIT: YouTube/Johannes Hansen

Family Moves Into New Home, Gets A Very Unexpected Delivery

Athena Image
OpenRangeStock via Getty Images

Dear Future Dead People, Don't Trust This Guy's Plan To Resurrect You

Athena Image
Daniel Schneider via Getty Images

The Statue Of Liberty Was Initially Designed To Be A Muslim Woman

Athena Image
Jeff Greenberg via Getty Images

Bald Eagle Poses For Selfie With Brothers After Rescue

Athena Image
Smithlandia Media via Getty Images

Shocking X-Ray Reveals How Puppy Chowed Down 10 Batteries

Boogie Swallowed 10 Hearing Aid Batteries
CREDIT: North Houston Veterinary Specialists

Girl Can't Get Personalized Nutella Jar Because Her Name Is Isis

Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

Fearless Goat Chases Tiger, Then Befriends Him

Tiger Goat Video

Trucker Goes Missing With 40,000 Pounds Of Meat

Athena Image
Adam Gault via Getty Images

Watch Gorilla Teach Little Girl How To Flip Middle Finger

A Gorilla Taught Riley Madison How To Flip Her Middle Finger
YouTube/Adventures of Riley Madison

Thieves Used This Ancient Gravestone To Steal $45k Of Jewelry

A Thief Used This Gravestone To Rob A Jewelry Store In Cornwall England
Devon and Cornwall Police

Do You Have The Balls To Enter A Testicle Beauty Contest?

Balls Testicles Contest
Brian Sloan

Christmas Card Ban For Government Officials In Tanzania

Athena Image
Fuse via Getty Images

Sheriff's 'Politically Incorrect' Sign Is Soooo Hip And Edgy

Athena Image

Cops Rush To Death Threats And Screams -- Of Spider-Chasing Man

Athena Image
Michael Blann via Getty Images

Bacon-Scented Undies Mean All Your Panty Problems Are Cured

Bacon Underwear

Wisdom, World's Oldest Known Seabird, Has Been Spotted Again


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