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May 4, 2015
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Plants Don't Have Mouths, But They Can Sing

I can't believe it, yet I can't not. I hear it with my own ears. I decide to smile at the mystery. I stretch back underneath the shady branches and listen.

13 Of The World's Weirdest Urinals

Terrifying Urinal
Wikimedia Commons

Cow Born With Two Faces

WTLV / USA Today

Man Liked 'Most Wanted' Photo Of Himself On Facebook

Levi Charles Reardon

This Restaurant's Sign Is On Point

Chickens Drugs

How Does A Wrestling Banana Get His Revenge?

Banana Revenge
Bodyslam: Revenge Of The Banana

Stoner's To-Do List Tweeted By Cops

To Do

Man Stole 35 Guitars Through Hole In Storage Unit Roof: Cops

Jacob Mackenzie
Philadelphia Police Dept.

WATCH: This Person Seriously Can't Park A Car

Bad Parking Job

7 Things You Can Learn At A Sex Club


School District Served 6-Year-Old Pork To Students

Old Meat

Couple Stuffed $300 Worth Of Meat In Woman's Pants: Cops

Meat Stealers
Volusia County Sheriffs Dept.

Zebra Poses For Hilarious Selfies With Tourist

Zebra Selfie

Tabloid Wildly Overstates Story Finding Cocaine On 'Kate Middleton's Hospital Toilet'

Kate Middleton

Charlie The Cat Stuck In Tree For 3 Days, Planet Keeps Spinning

Greenville Online

Model Discovers She Has 1 Kidney - And 2 Vaginas

Cassandra Bankson

Growing List of Bizarre Crimes Linked To New Drug


Man Pulled Overboard By Hungry Sea Lion 'Thought He Was Going To Die'

Dan Carlin
Trish Carlin / AP

WATCH: Brazen Bra Bandits Rob Victoria's Secret

Bra Burglars
Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department

Home Brewers Now Making Beer From Sewer Water In Oregon

Pure Water Brew Challenge
AP Photo/Don Ryan

What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum Into A Watermelon

Watermelon Aluminum

School Doesn't Let 4-Year-Old Eat Oreos From Own Lunchbox

Cat Lovers: The Event We've Been Dreaming Of Is Happening

Cat In Hat

Old Hand Found In Florida Attic With Coins And Treasure Map

Hand Attic Found
Read this story from

The 14 Colleges That Order The Most Food During Finals


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Confident Shoplifter Wears 'Won't Be Caught' Shirt

Wont Be Caught Shirt
Hillsborough County Sheriff

Wild Fox In Chernobyl Makes His Own Sandwich. That Is All

Fox Sandwich
NBC News

WATCH: Insane Base Jumpers Leap Off Dubai's Tallest Residential Tower

Dream Jump

Watch This Man Build The Biggest McDonald's Burger In The History Of McD's

Moshe Tamssot/Youtube

British Man Banned From Using Coin-Operated Machines

Vending Machine
HP Library

Judge Convicts Man Convicted Of Stealing Electricity Despite Being Dead

Dead Man
Shutterstock / Thorsten Schmitt

Trippy New Images Of Mercury Captured By Doomed Spacecraft

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Antarctica's Mysterious 'Blood Falls' Explained

Blood Falls
Peter Rejcek, National Science Foundation

Trooper In Trouble For Snoop Dogg Photo Sues Bosses


NEWS LEAK: NBA Great's Daughter Arrested For Urinating In Hotel Lobby

Sierra Pippin
Johnson County Sheriff's Office

Baseball Coach Forces Players To Spit In His Face

Justin Hill

Pancake The Kitten Proves Cats Don't Need 4 Legs To Have A Good Time

Meagan Malone

Accused Pizza Thieves Allegedly Attempt To Sell Stolen Pies To Police

Getty Images

Designer Dildo Contains Your Loved One's Cremated Ashes

Ashes Dildo
Mark Sturkenboom via WTFark

Bring On The Hare!

Tortoise Wheels

Ice Cream Goes To New Heights With 'Cold-Stoned' Sundae

Ice Cream